Women's Field Hockey Fall 2006

Girls Gone Wild

Lauren Blanchard, Jemma Coster, Kaitlin Darr, Melissa Dona, Kaitlin Ewald,
Neomie Laughren, Meaghan Monroe, Emily Nedelman, Jillian Perry,
Sarah Sanderson, Natalie Shea

Championship Game Summary
Girls Gone Wild 4, Rockets 0

The women’s field hockey championship featured the Rockets and Girls Gone Wild, a singles team formed at the start of the season. From the start it was an uphill battle for the Rockets, as they were only able to field five players, while GGW were at full strength with seven. From the opening whistle, GGW controlled the game. They maintained possession for the first five minutes, had control over the first nine corners and, after a few errant shots, got on the scoreboard with a goal by Lauren Blanchard. Blanchard finished with two goals on the day and gave her team an early lead. This goal would prove to be the difference as the Rockets were unable to muster any offense and never had an offensive opportunity. Although playing down two players, the Rockets held their own and were only down 2-0 halfway through the first half. Goalie Abigail Atkins, making her debut in goal, put on a clinic. She single-handedly kept her team in the game by making an incredible 17 saves, one of which was a penalty shot. The Rockets put up a great fight. However, Girls Gone Wild broke through a tired defense three more times and pushed the lead to 4-0 at halftime. Being down two players seemed to physically drain the Rockets. As the second half was about to start, the Rockets conceded the game due to fatigue. Both teams played well. The extra player-power and offensive production of GGW proved too much. Girls Gone Wild notched the 4-0 win.


Abigail Atkins, Ashley Brennick, Allison Cove, Elizabeth DiNatale,
Noelle Fiori, Leiann Hayward, Rachel Karmen, Angela Markley,
Brooke Naylor, Cory Shea, Erica Sills