Women's Field Hockey Fall 2005

The Ligers

Lauren Banchefsky, Gloria Bennett, Allison Canty, Erin Casey, Catherine Gibson, Stephanie Hovagimian, Jamie Leehy, Melissa Murphy, Kristen Murray,
Shelley Raymond, Molly Rigby, Maari Suorsa, Taylor VanAhnen

Championship Summary
Ligers 5, Mighty Ducks 2

The Ligers, 3-0 in league play, faced off against the Mighty Ducks in the final. Gloria Bennett got things started for the Ligers with an early goal. Ligers kept the ball in Mighty Ducks’ zone for most of the half. Steph Hovagimian netted the 2nd goal for Ligers. Mighty Ducks got on board when Molly Coon scored to bring the score to 2-1. Ligers wasted no time in getting that goal back as Maari Suorsa posted the team’s 3rd goal. In the 2nd half, Ligers kept up their offensive success as they crushed any Mighty Ducks aspirations of a comeback. Katie Gibson scored Ligers 4th goal. Hovagimian netted her second goal of the game for Ligers. Katie Senior scored for the Mighty Ducks late in the game to cut the deficit to 5-2. Thanks to stellar play by goalie Shelley Raymond, the Mighty Ducks drew no closer. Ligers closed out the championship for the 5-2 win.

Mighty Ducks

Sarah Butler, Molly Coon, Patricia Cronin, Shannon Demas, Amy Fleury,
Katherine Holcomb, Amy Kuck, Raquel Manning, Amy Rayla, Kaitlin Senior,
Emerald Shirley