Women's Field Hockey Fall 2004


Kristen Clark, Brittany Corbin, Sofia Fleischmann, Cheryl Franceschi,
Ashleigh Kelleher, Erica Paton, Shelley Raymond, Lindsay Torres, Miling Toyle, Marie Turley, Jennifer Wasserboehr, Tammi Westgate, Johannna Wolff,
Tiffany Zolt

 Championship Game Summary
Bruisers 4, Tsunamis 3

The women’s championship took place in the midst of freezing winds and snow flurries between two tough teams, last year’s runnerup Tsunamis and the Bruisers. The first half began with plenty of offensive pressure from the Bruisers. They were unable to score, however, due to the great goaltending of Patrice Russo. Tsunamis managed to jump to a 2-0 lead by taking advantage of the few shots on goal they had, with scores from Bethel Mackiewicz and Kate Thompson. To keep the game close though, Bruisers goalie Shelley Raymond had to make a spectacular break-away save in the closing seconds of the half. In the second half, the Bruisers began where they left off, keeping the offensive pressure to finally get a goal from Lindsay Torres. This style of play continued throughout the second half with Tsunami’s Russo making great save after great save to hold onto the one goal lead. But, Miling Toyle would finally sneak another shot past Russo to tie the game at 2. Shortly after, Tsunami’s Mackiewicz, who had left the game earlier after being hit hard in the shin, scored the go-ahead goal. But the aggressive Bruisers came back with a last minute goal from Torres and the game was sent into overtime. Overtime was shortlived as just minutes into OT the Bruisers powered in a goal to snatch the championship 4-3


Alyssa Campbell, Declyse Glover, Amy Guerin, Sarah Johansmeyer,
Erin Lenaghan, Bethel Mackiewicz, Katherine Moriarty, Patrice Russo,
Kate Thompson, Caitlin Willard