Women's Field Hockey Fall 2003


Lauren Cook, Meghan Davis, Meghan Freitas, Christine George, Casie Hurd, Hannah Ladd, Jenna Legare, Rebecca Martins, Elise Scanlon,
Colleen Saunders, Rebecca Sosnowich, Melanie Teixeira, Andrea Vigeant

Championship Game Summary
Mudslides 3, Tsunami's 0

In the coldest night of the fall intramural season, the frozen tundra of the Boyden fields was the setting for the women's field hockey championship. Tsunami's, last year's runnerup, and Mudsildes, started the first half fired up with strong offense and defense. Tsunami's missed a great opportunity to score after a foul called against Mudslides put the ball at close range.

Strong defense by Mudslides kept Tsunami's off the board. Mudslides' offense took control and Casie Hurd scored a goal after several saves by goalie Patrice Russo. Tsunami's took a timeout at the nine-minute mark of the first half after the Mudslides almost scored again. A great save by Russo kept the game at one goal. Rejuvenated after the timeout, Tsunami's posted some strong offense, but the Mudslides defense proved to be stronger.

Mudslides made the game 2-0 when Becky Martins scored a goal on a break away to put her team up at the half. In the 2nd half, TsunamPs offense had the slight edge but couldn't put the ball to the back of the net. Solid defense from Tsunami's also prevented Mudslides from dominating the ball. A third Mudslides goal by Martins, her second of the night, sealed the victory. Tsunami's would have to settle for a second consecutive loss in the final. Mudslides pulled out the 3-0 win.


Amy Guerin, Lindsey Hanlon, Sarah Johansmeyer, Bethel Mackiewicz, Katherine Moriarty, Kaela Riley, Patrice Russo, Ashley Taylor, Kate Thompson, Pamela Zides, Lindsey Zwart