Women's Field Hockey Fall 2000


Lisa Boyle, Brooke Davis, Laura Davis, Anne Dorsey, Naima Ghilain,
Julie Harrington, Kim Huynh, Patrice Laverdiere, Rebecca Match,
Tracey Matuszko, Jill O'Brien, Valerie Parker, Mariann Richards,
Jeanette Santoro, Sarah Slade

Championship Game Summary
Bruisers 6, TNT 1

The story of this championship was TRACEY...TRACEY. .TRACEY. Matuszko, that is. Bruisers and TN1 the best team from each league, cruised through the playoffs, TNT having the easier time with a win by forfeit over Pipes of Steel and a 9-1 rout over Melville Mamasitas.

The first half fooled everyone into thinking that we were in for a barn-burner. While Bruisers kept the offensive heat on with attacking play from Julie Harrington, Brooke Davis, Tracey Matuszko & Lisa Boyle, Matuszko scored the only goal at the 5 minute mark to make the score at the half 1-0 Bruisers.

The second half began under seemingly competitive play, but this guise quickly turned into the Matuszko show as she scored five second half goals. Her prettiest and most acrobatic was her second goal of the half. Horizontal and flat-out, Matuszko scored a crowd stunner as she swung at the ball as it hovered in the air in front of TNT goalie Tess Frazier. Derek Jeter would have been envious of this line drive to centerfield.

Matuszko rammed the ball past Frazier and into the back of the net. Matuszko, an opportunist in every way, picked up loose ball here and errant pass there, each time finding herself in the circle and leaving no doubt that she could score at will if given the ball. Bruisers goalie and captain Mariann Richards performed well in goal with minimal chances. Her only letdown came with :30 left in regulation. TNT’s Nicole Boucini picked up a bouncing pass from captain Emily Miller and surprised everyone by sneaking it past Richards. Bruisers took the game in Matuszko fashion, 6-1.


Kate Billman-Golemme, Nicole Boucini, Julie Celentano, Korri Crowley, Caitlin Foley, Tess Frazier, Kim Lorenzo, Emily Miller, Robin Morley,
Katie Teague, Amy Tessier, Meredith Young, Lindsey Zwart