Men's Extreme Dodgeball Fall 2012

Skillz That Killz

Back Row: Eric Gilberg, Michael Aflakpui, Shamus Clifford, A.J. Kissh
Front Row: Christopher Martinez


Championship Summary
Skillz That Killz 8, Dodge Fathers 7

This year’s men’s extreme dodgeball final came to an end with two outstanding teams, SKILLZ THAT KILLZ and Dodge Fathers, whom performed a thrilling up-and-down championship game. Entering into the final with undefeated records, both teams were looking to keep their winning streaks alive. They were only one game away from being an Extreme Dodgeball Men’s Champion.  Who would come out on top?

The starting lineup for SKILLZ THAT KILLZ was Christopher Martinez, AJ Kissh, Eric Gilberg, and Shamus Clifford; Dodge Fathers started with Cody Sanchez, Mike Prudente, Ryan Batchelder, and Charles Champion. The game started with Prudente’s bullet throw, but he failed to take anyone out. After several misses on both teams, Dodge Fathers’ Sanchez got the first hit of the game when he knocked out Kissh. Without caution whilst throwing, Sanchez was knocked out right after. Then SKILLZ THAT KILLZ started attack waves. They were able to take out Batchelder and Champion. With Prudente left on the court, Dodge Fathers were not able to stay alive and SKILLZ THAT KILLZ took the first lead. The second set flew by quickly when Dodge Fathers knocked out 3 SKILLZ THAT KILLZ players early in the set. With the situation of 1 vs. 4, SKILLZ THAT KILLZ could not do much and the game was tied 1-1.

Before the next set started, Michael Aflakpui subbed in for Clifford. This set was even faster than the previous set. It was over within 20 seconds and Dodge Fathers were able to take the lead at 2-1. SKILLZ THAT KILLZ tried to come back with a response. It was Kissh vs. Champion. Both of them were looking for chances to take the other out. Kissh blocked Champion’s throw with the ball. Then he threw it right back at Champion and took him out. The game was tied at 2-2.

A double hit by Martinez, who took out Sanchez and Champion, gave the team a great situation facing only 2 players on Dodge Fathers. They eventually won the set and took the lead again. In the sixth set, Prudente found himself as the last man standing. He tried dodging each ball that was rapidly thrown at him to avoid getting hit. He caught Martinez’s throw and took him out. He then threw the ball at Clifford. Clifford had his hands on a ball and chose to drop it to assist him in the catch that took Prudente out.  SKILLZ THAT KILLZ won their third set in a row to make the score 4-2.

It was up to Dodge Fathers to come back now. They won the set to cut the deficit to one at 4-3. In the eighth set, Aflakpui tried to run down to the line and throw it, but he got hit right prior to his release. It left Clifford in a 1 vs. 4 situation. It seemed that Dodge Fathers would tie up the game but they could not take advantage of the odd man attack. Clifford first knocked Champion out, then Batchelder, then Prudente, and lastly Sanchez. He was clearly the MVP in this set. SKILLZ THAT KILLZ was now leading 5-3.

Dodge Fathers came back with 3 set wins making the score 3 vs. 1 in the tenth set and 4 vs. 1 in the eleventh set. All of a sudden, Dodge Fathers took to lead with a score of 6-5.  
With the game getting closer to the end, the champions still hadn’t clearly shown themselves yet. After two players got knocked out in the set, it was Martinez and Kissh vs. Sanchez and Champion. Sanchez and Champion could not stay alive. The score was now tied at 6-6.

In the thirteenth set, Sanchez’s throw started the game but he was not able to hit a target. With 2 players left on Dodge Fathers, 4 balls were on their side, but they could not take this advantage and both of them got knocked out. SKILLZ THAT KILLZ led 7-6.

In the game set, SKILLZ THAT KILLZ obviously wanted finish the game and walk away with the championship title while Dodge Fathers needed to take the set or else they were going home. The set got down to Gilberg vs. Prudente and Champion, and Prudente knocked out Gilberg.

The game finally came to the final set. The winner of the set would win everything and the loser unfortunately had to go home. This championship game had come down to the wire. With the sets changing back and forth, the teams never led by more than 2 sets. Both teams started the set cautiously. They tried to make some strategic throws but could not do anything. Gilberg was the first one to be knocked out for SKILLZ THAT KILLZ and Prudente was the first one for Dodge Fathers. The final set came down to 1 vs. 4 when Champion and Batchelder got knocked out. Sanchez had to fight for the team. With the first 2 shots, SKILLZ THAT KILLZ couldn’t take Sanchez out, but Martinez threw an unavoidable ball and SKILLZ THAT KILLZ were finally crowned. The Men’s Extreme Dodgeball season finally ended with an exhilarating championship game.

Dodge Fathers
Left to Right: Charles Champion, Ryan Batchelder, Mike Prudente, Cody Sanchez