Co-Rec Extreme Dodgeball Fall 2012

The Dodgefathers

(Left to Right): Mike Prudente, Christine Karlberg, Cody Sanchez, Rachael Pacheco,
Ryan Batchelder

Championship Match Summary
The Dodgefathers 8, Dirty Dodgers 2

After being the runners-up for both Extreme Dodgeball and Dodgeball last year, The Dodgefathers came out once again and tried to go all the way this year. Entering the final with a 2-0 record, The Dodgefathers faced Dirty Dodgers again, which entered the final with a 1-1 record. Both teams first met in the regular season and the Dirty Dodgers got smashed 0-8. The Dirty Dodgers were looking for revenge.

In the first set, Dirty Dodgers tried to take the initiative and started with strong offense. But the first attack was disappointing and no one was targeted on The Dodgefathers team. With more attacks, Dirty Dodgers were able to knock out Mike Prudente and Cody Sanchez. The Dodgefathers tried to stay alive with two girls left but Christine Karlberg also got knocked out. Only Raechel Pacheco left on the court for The Dodgefathers. Dirty Dodgers did not give her any chance and Michael Rabie took her out. Dirty Dodgers led the first game. It was their first set won against The Dodgefathers. Can they bounce back from the first meeting?

In the second set, The Dodgefathers came out quickly and knocked out three players on the Dirty Dodgers. It was 1 vs. 4 with only Rabie left on the Dirty Dodgers. Pacheco hadn’t had a chance to do much in this set and was mostly standing there and instructing the team. Finally, Prudente took out Rabie and the game was tied 1-1.

Before the third set started, Lance Brozdowski and Matt Knobloch came in for Rabie and Paul Gildea; Ryan Batchelder came in for Prudente. Emily McGowan tried to make a hard throw to Sanchez but he was able to make the catch. This time, it was 1 vs. 4 once again and Knobloch was the only survivor. He was unable to catch the ball and dropped it. This gave The Dodgefathers a 2-1 advantage. The next set was done in about a minute with Pacheco knocking out Knobloch. It was now 3-1.

Prudente came back in for Sanchez. The Dodgefathers started with a good strategy by taking out the two males. With the whole team versus McGowan and Kelly McGovern, they were able to take out the remaining girls and led 4-1. Dirty Dodgers tried to spark a comeback. Rabie took Karlberg out but it was not enough. All the males got knocked out again and the girls were not able to stay alive. The Dodgefathers led 5-1. Dirty Dodgers needed to resist. After Brozdowski took out Pacheco, they managed to cut the lead to 3 to make it 5-2.

Are girls better at staying alive than boys? Again, the guys of the Dirty Dodgers were knocked out early in the eighth set with McGowan and McGovern left fighting on the battlefield but their throws were not good enough to knock out anybody. The Dodgefathers led 6-2. McGovern tried to take out Karlberg and threw the ball right at her. Karlberg caught it easily and McGowan was out. With a 2 vs. 4 situation, Batchelder came up with a strategic move. He threw the ball up high in the air to fake McGovern. McGovern failed to catch it and dropped the ball. Therefore, it left Gildea in the game. The Dodgefathers now led 7-2. Karlberg was on fire and was able to catch the second ball of the night. This time, she caught it from McGovern.

With Gildea left in the game once again, he was unable to do much and he was knocked out by an avoidable throw. Even though Dirty Dodgers were not able to fight until the end, they improved from the first time against The Dodgefathers and were able to win two sets of games from them. The Dodgefathers started out late in the championship game and could finally be crowned. They prevailed as Extreme Dodgeball champion and were undefeated.


Dirty Dodgers
(Back Row): Paul Gildea, Lance Brozdowski, Michael Rabie, Matt Knobloch
(Front Row): Emily McGowan, Kelly McGovern