Co-Rec Dodgeball Spring 2014

Balls and Dolls

Back Row: Brendan Carritlo, C. J. Cheringhelli, Brad Daigle, Kendra Zosner, Allison Hanlon,
Morgan Coles


Championship Match Result:
Balls and Dolls defeated Divas 2 games to 1

This year’s Dodgeball championship was between Divas and Balls and Dolls. After many games of dodging, dipping, ducking, diving, and dodging, both teams had just one match in-between them and the prized championship t-shirt.

Game one of three started with a ferocious running start. Both teams gave an all-out sprint effort to the center line for possession of the six dodgeballs. Team Divas were able to grab all six dodgeballs during the opening rush! Ironically it was the Divas that went down three players to five players early in the game. A catch by Divas brought them right back into the game, and with this, they regained the necessary strength to knock out the remaining two Balls and Dolls players. Divas took game one.

In game two we saw a completely different Balls and Dolls team. Similarly, Divas gathered five of the balls and gets a couple quick outs. An Intramural Dodgeball Championship was in sight, but Balls and Dolls made a couple of quick catches and before you know it, Balls and Dolls is up four players to two. Another big catch from Balls and Dolls puts them up 5-1, and then a finishing blow by Balls and Dolls gave them game two to even the series.

It was winner take all in game three. The entire season had come down to one last game and neither team wanted to go home without the championship title. After the opening rush, a Divas player tried to block a shot with his dodgeball but dropped it, and in doing so, took a seat on the sideline. A couple of great hits by Balls and Dolls made the lead six players to two players and a couple shy of that championship title. Another hit by Balls and Dolls brings Divas put in the hands of one lonely dodgeballer. He got two players from Balls and Dolls out, but then his miracle rally ended when a dodgeball hit him in the leg and ended their championship hopes. Balls and Dolls won the Intramural Dodgeball Championship and takes home those prestigious championship t-shirts.

(Photo not available)
Alphabetical: Karya Bowen, Brandon Gelzer, Kristina Hacker, Derek Kornheiser, Adam Hacker,
Ryan McInerny, Annika Olson, Tina Remie