Co-Rec Dodgeball Spring 2012


Back Row: Jordan Rabb, Joseph Barnuzzi, Marc Notarangelo
Front Row: Carissa Jaillet, Kristina Jennings, Chelsea Berry


Championship Summary
Cheezypoofs 2, The Dodgefathers 1

The regular season could not have been any different for our two finalists. The Dodgefathers coasted through the season with a 6-2 record and landed three seed for the playoffs. On the other hand, Cheezypoofs struggled early in the season and needed a three-game winning streak to sneak into the playoffs. However, once the players were on the court, the regular season was meaningless.  

In game one, Cheezypoofs started with all three balls. After several misses on both teams, Cheezypoofs’ Joey Barnuzzi got the first hit of the game when he took out Rohan Kapur. Dodgefathers retaliated by taking out all three Cheezypoof girls in succession. Cheezypoofs tried to stay alive by taking out another guy. However, Dodgefathers took out the remaining males on Cheezypoofs and won the first game.

Game two began with a strategic move by the Cheezypoofs. They waited to get all three balls and then simultaneously attacked Christine Harlberg to put her out of the game. To make matters worse, Jordan Raab was able to knock out two Dodgefathers in one throw, then caught a ball to restore Cheezypoofs to full strength. With a full team, Cheezypuffs easily knocked out the last two competitors to win game two. 

Game three started with a controversial call by the official, calling out a Cheezypoofs player after the ball may or may not have hit the floor. After some arguing and a standoff between the teams, Dodgefathers and Cheezypoofs traded outs until there was two versus two. With time about to expire, Cheezypoofs claimed to hit Niki Anderson, but the official ruled that it hit her hair and not the body. With time expired and teams even with players, we had OVERTIME!!! After a heated exchange to start overtime, there was a lot of tension between the overtime players, Cody Sanchez and Rabb. After the sport supervisor settled the dispute and got overtime started, Rabb had the first shot to take Sanchez out and win bring the championship home. However, he missed and gave Sanchez a chance to win it all. Sanchez also missed his shot to give Cheezypoofs one last opportunity to take home the ‘chip.' With steady confidence and a strong arm, Rabb gave his last bit of energy into the throw that Sanchez was unable to avoid. After an improbable playoff run, Cheezypoofs prevailed as dodgeball champion. 

The Dodgefathers
Back Row: Cody Sanchez, Ryan Batchelder, Rohan Kapur
Front Row: Niki Anderson, Christine Karlberg, Rachael Pacheco