Co-Rec Dodgeball Spring 2011


Back Row:  Soeb Usta, Nick Hodge, Zach Watson, Paul Whelan, Derek Bellucci
Front Row:  Kirsten Hadwen, Kathleen O'Shea, Chelsea Mryglot, Jumana Saleh


Championship Game Summary
Gonorreckyou 3, Today's Game Cancelled 0

DODGEBALL!  This year’s co-rec dodgeball championship came at the end of an outstanding season in which teams battled it out on the courts of Boyden every Wednesday. The final game came down to two of the top seeds in the bracket: Gonorreckyou and Today’s Game Cancelled. Both teams breezed through the regular season, and it was no surprise that they were in the final. The championship had a different set-up from the regular season. The final would be a best three of five. Who would bring their 'A' game to the courts? Only time would tell.

In the first game, Gonorreckyou played as clever as their team name indicates. They had a strategy that worked to perfection. Two of the guys would attack and the other players would be waiting to catch the opponents’ balls. Nick Hodge showed off his rifle of an arm and on multiple occasions made the opposition feel his wrath. Zach Watson sent a rocket 30 seconds into the game knocking out another male for Today’s Game Cancelled. The final male actually went out on a deflection that was caught by Kathleen O’Shea of Gonorreckyou. The first game was done in about a minute.

The second game was more of a battle. Today’s GC was clearly a desperate team, trying to tie the series back up at one. They quickly knocked out Hodge and Soeb Usta of Gonorreckyou. However, Watson was able to catch a ball that quickly evened the game back up. For nearly three minutes, both males and females were firing balls at each other back and forth, showing no mercy on each other. Both teams were practicing the five D’s of dodgeball to perfection; dip, dodge, dive, duck, and dodge. It was a good game, but in the end Gonorreckyou was too much as Watson iced the game with laser he threw at an unsuspecting female on Today’s GC.

The final game was do or die for Today’s GC. They needed a win to extend the series. If they had any tricks up their sleeve it was this game that they would have to use them. This game was going to go down to the wire. Today’s GC took the lead with 2:50 left in the game. However, O’Shea of Gonorreckyou caught yet another ball that evened the game. At this point, the game was back to square one, all the players were in the game. At 2:30 remaining, Gonorreckyou must have realized they were a halfway from Co-Rec Dodgeball glory as they went on the offensive. Watson took out two guys by himself, giving them a 5-3 lead. With under a minute left, there was only one female left for Today’s GC.  She was all alone and only had one chance to change the game. She bravely went for it, shooting the ill-fated half court shot. The shot is a pretty one, right on line. However, today it was not meant to be, as the ball fell short and gently came to a rest in the hands of Soeb Usta. Just like that the champions were crowned, and the season was over.

Today's Game Cancelled
(Alphabetical): Michael Akers, Benjamin Chadwick, Jessica Dunn, Brady Murphy, Melissa Schmeidl, Amanda Zurich