Co-Rec Dodgeball Spring 2008

The Legend of Zulma
Gordon Adams, Ryan James, Mark Ladd, Rachael Memine, Katelyn Russell

Championship Game Summary
The Legend of Zulma 2, Not Your Average Joes 1

The dodgeball tournament was a great showing of the 4 Ds -- dodging, dipping, diving & ducking. 8 teams competed in the co-rec tourney. Not Your Average Joes and The Legend of Zulma both finished first in their pool and received a first-round bye in the playoffs. Not Your Average Joes knocked out last year’s champion, Moose Cross, to advance to the final. The Legend of Zulma eliminated Ball Dodgers in the other semifinal. In the first game of the best of 3 match, superior dodging (there’s that word again) from Katelyn Russell and ball deflections by Mark Ladd helped provide the quick win for TLOZ. Not Your Average Joes turned up the heat for the second game with some powerful kills by Matt Perry. TLOZ struggled to keep their players on the court. Not Your Average Joes took game two. The rubber game was a back-and-forth battle. TLOZ pulled ahead by knocking five Not Your Average Joes off the court to leave only one player standing against three. The only chance Not Your Average Joes had was a shot at ‘Basket Bonanza,’ which would return every player to the court. After several unsuccessful attempts at ‘BB,” The Legend of Zulma was crowned dodgeball champion.


Not Your Average Joes

Erica Caron, Caitlin Horton, John Kineavy, Jessica Newton, Matthew Perry, Brian Vaccaro