Co-Rec Volleyball Spring 2014

Can Ya Dig It?

Left to Right: Kristen Lombardo, Ryan Imbriaco, Tarek Dahdul, Vincent DeMato,
Nicole Boisvert


Championship Game Summary
Can Ya Dig It defeated Amazing Spiketacle 32-30, 24-30, 15-10

The 2014 Co-Rec Volleyball Championship game was a long fought battle between Can Ya Dig It and Amazing Spiketacle. The officials for tonight’s match up were Danielle McClellan, Christine Karlberg, Julie Roderick, and Cody Sanchez. Both teams won their semi-final games in impressive fashion, two games to none.

Game one started with a spike from Ryan Imbriaco, which would be a theme throughout the entire match. Amazing Spiketacle started in impressive fashion with some strategically placed balls, and they took a 4-2 lead. Can Ya Dig It came back to tie the game at 5-5. Neck and neck, each team traded points. Spikes back and forth from Imbriaco and Jianquan Liu kept the game tied at 13-13.

Some big sets from Tarek Dahdul and Nicole Boisvert helped support a rally from Can Ya Dig It, as they took at 19-14 lead. Amazing Spiketacle called a key timeout which stifled the flame of Can Ya Dig It’s rally and were able to chisel away at their lead. After doing so, the score was 24-21 in favor of Can Ya Dig it. Amazing Spiketacle rallied all the way back to tie the game at 29-29 with some well-placed serves by Sarah Bartlett. In the end, Can Ya Dig It won game one barely squeaking through with a 32-30 score.

Game two started off with constant trading of points as the score grew from 4-4 to 9-9. Amazing Spiketacle gained a little moment with a couple key spikes from Theodore LeBlanc, and they took a 13-9 lead. Amazing Spiketacle was able to keep this small lead as the teams continued to trade points. A little more than half way through game two, Amazing Spiketacle led 21-16. Can Ya Dig it made a late game come back to get within a point, but Amazing Spiketacle didn’t want their season to end just yet, and took game two, 30-24.

As the teams began the pivotal game three, neither team wanted to go home without that prestigious championship t-shirt. A big spike from LeBlanc gave Amazing Spiketacle the first point of game three. Within a couple minutes, the score was tied at 4-4. Can Ya Dig It began to pull away and took a 14-8 lead with the championship title just a point away. Amazing Spiketacle did not want their season to end and added a couple of points, but their rally stalled and Can Ya Dig won the Co-Rec Volleyball Championship.

Amazing Spiketacle


Back Row: Shawn Enelian, Michael Wood, T. J. LeBlanc, Jianquan Liu
Front Row: Sarah Bartlett, Hsisuai Lee, Lianna Jilton