Co-Rec Volleyball Spring 2012

Send It

Genti Lagji, Carla Stauber, Julia McWilliams, Thomas Orszulak, Jeffrey McPherson,
Megan West, Shawn McBride


Championship Summary
Send It Defeats Lost Boys and Girls 30-21, 30-23

On the eve of the last day of classes, two powerhouse volleyball teams squared off in the spring volleyball championship in Boyden Gymnasium. Send It and the Lost Boys and Girls (LBG) endured a trying playoff bracket to reach this exalted destination, each seeking one more victory to cap off their season.

Both teams earned a spot in the championship after taking semifinal matches two games to none. Send It dominated their semifinal pairing, winning 30-15 and 30-14. LBG had a tougher match, playing with just 5 players, but persevered to take both games with identical scores of 31-29. As in the semifinal, LBG played one player down in the championship match.

Game one began with a flurry of points from Send It. With team communication and hard-nosed defense, particularly from Megan West and Carla Stauber, Send It jumped to a 10-5 lead. The teams traded points with rallies, hitting scores of 17-13, 19-15 and 20-18, all with Send It in the lead. LBG boasted an orchestrated attack and split-second decision-making to get within two points. LBG’s Sarah Bartlett did an excellent job adjusting to Send It's attacks, nearly always finding herself in the right spot to make a play. The upstart LBG squad was unable to keep pace, however, and Send It built their lead to 27-20 with Julia McWilliams at serve. Hitter Tom Orszulak closed out the first game with three straight kills, emphatically ending a hard fought game one @ 30-21.

Game two highlighted outstanding setting, defensive play and strong serves from LBG’s Lianna Tilton. Huy Tran also made his presence known on both sides of the ball. The score stood 6-4 in favor of Send It after the first ten points of play. Led by the vicious net play of Genti Lagji and Shawn McBride, Send It extended this slim lead first to 9-6 and then 17-11. Sensing that it was do or die time, a tenacious LGB team responded with intensity. Jia Liang Li and William Klunk led the effort, raining attack after attack and making crucial blocks at the net. LBG fought their way back to within five points at 25-20. The Lost Boys and Girls, despite a noteworthy surge of offense, could not catch the disciplined Send It. Send It held on to win game two 30-23 to take the championship. The match was a real pleasure to watch as both teams fought diligently for each point, rallied with focus and intensity and displayed outstanding sportsmanship.
Lost Boys and Girls
Lianna Tilton, Huy Tran, William Klunk, Jia Liang Li, Sarah Bartlett