Co-Rec Volleyball Spring 2011

The Lost Boys & Girls

Back Row: Amanda Rossi, Sarah Bartlett, Hsisuai Lee, Brianna Lee
Front Row: William Klunk, David Kaplan, G. Nicholas Bryant


Championship Match Summary
Lost Boys and Girls defeat Victorious Secret
25-30, 30-22, 15-10

In an extremely close match-up between two evenly-matched teams, Lost Boys and Girls (LBG) bested Victorious Secret (VS) to take home the co-rec volleyball title.

In the first game, Lost Boys and Girls took an early lead with superior serving. The jump-serve of captain William Klunk proved handy as he led his team on a huge run of seven straight points (including three aces), bringing LBG to an 8-1 advantage. Despite great blocking from co-captain Tim Coogan and Jaret Doiron-LaRue, Victorious Secret still trailed 15-8 midway through the first game. However, with great passing and precision placement, VS cut the lead to 20-18. With stellar passing from Brianna Lee and David Kaplan and a MONSTER spike from co-captain G. Nicholas Bryant, Lost Boys and Girls stretched their lead to 22-18. VS rallied in response with great serving from Soleil Le and spikes from Michael Bigos, stealing the lead from LBG to make it 27-25. With the huge shift in momentum, VS took the first game 30-25.

A beautiful dig from Victorious Secret’s Le and nice net-working from Richard Mui were not enough to stop Lost Boys and Girls’ comeback with a vengeance in the second game. The excellently placed serves of Lee made it 7-0. With outstanding setting from Hsisuai Lee, LBG maintained the lead at 10-4. Astounding blocks from VS’s Coogan cut the lead to 13-9, but LBG would not let up. With more solid passing and blocking from Amanda Rossi, LBG regained momentum to set the score at 20-10. Doiron-LaRue's serving VS cut the lead to 22-15. They cut the lead even further to 25-21 behind Lauren Lamere's serving. Co-captains Bryant and Klunk added huge spikes and LBS won the second game 30-22 to force a rubber game.

In the high-stakes final game to 15, Victorious Secret took an early 5-0 behind Le's serving and Sara Deady's passing. Lost Boys and Girls worked perfectly together to cut the lead to 7-5. LBG took back the lead at 12-7. Not ready to give up, back-to-back spikes from co-captain Coogan brought it to 12-9. Despite big blocks from Doirion-LaRue and Coogan, co-captain Klunk’s spike to win the volleyball championship 15-10 was truly legendary.

Victorious Secret
(Alphabetical): Michael Bigos, Timothy Cppgan, Sara Dealy, Jared Dorian-LaRue, Lauren Lamore, Soleil Le, Richard Mui