Co-Rec Volleyball Special Spring 2010

War Beasts

Back Row:  Arnold But, Ka Wai Tsui, Marielle Fibish, Adam Choi
Front Row: Elijah Blustain, Angela Kyin, Gordon Hoang, Nathan Chan


Championship Match Summary
War Beasts defeat Good Vibrations 2-0

In the first game of the match, Good Vibrations got out to an early lead.  The front line had their way with War Beasts, who were struggling with only five players on the court.  War Beasts got back into the game with Marielle Fibish’s solid hitting.  War Beasts took the lead 8-7 after a Fibish ace.  Good Vibrations retook the lead as their front line reasserted itself.  A good play by Adam Choi helped even the score.  War Beasts won the game 15-12 after Mike Tsu landed two aces.

In the second game, Good Vibrations got out to another early lead.  The game went back and forth as neither team could impose its will on the other.  Choi pushed War Beasts to a 13-12 lead with three consecutive kills.  In the end, War Beasts ended up winning on a Good Vibrations double touch.  No good vibrations there.

Good Vibrations
(Alphabetical): Christopher Kornichuk, Amina Meho, Kelsey Michaud, Tommy Morss, Shannon O’Donoghue, Timothy O’Neill, Pete Sarro