Co-Rec Volleyball Special Spring 2009


(Alphabetical): Stefan Christov, Heather Conboy, Karlie Intlekofer, Jeffrey Johns, Amanda Kirkpatrick, Marzia Miletto, Sumeet Pandey, Borislava Simidchieva,
Andrew Stout


Championship Match Summary
In-Sync defeated Swat Team 2-1

In-Sync sealed the deal against their opponent, Swat Team, in a highly anticipated match between two extraordinary teams. In game one, In-Sync jumped to a 3-0 lead behind the serving of Sumeet Pandey. However, Jim Lau of Swat Team fought back and brought the score to 3-2. Swat Team’s Leo Meira was quick to spike any ball that came his way and was a prime asset on defense. On the other side, In-Sync not only had great serving from Borislava Simidchieva and Marzia Miletto, they also displayed tremendous defense and teamwork from Andrew Stout, Stefan Christov and Amanda Kirkpatrick. Swat Team’s Chelsea Paolella brought the score to 10-7, still trailing but not willing to give up. As soon as the score was tied 13-13, In-Sync took the first timeout. Swat Team swiped the first game 15-13.

With another great start in game two, In-Sync led 6-0 behind the serving of Miletto. Pandey added two more points to make it an 8-0 lead. While this was a rough start for Swat Team, they certainly didn’t give up. Frustration set in as Swat Team needed time to re-group and organize their strategy. The game turned around when Dan Child tallied 6 points to put Swat Team on the board. Despite great defense from Meira, Arianna Burke and Alli Mulvey, serving from Jeff Johns and Stout won the second game 15-9 for In-Sync.

Rally game three began with many sideouts. In-Sync’s Miletto pushed a 3-0 run. After serves from Stout and Christov, the team of graduate students led 11-6. Josh Abrams’s service helped Swat Team reasonablably catch up to In-Sync 14-9. Mulvey made an incredible comeback to stave off defeat by tallying 5 points. With the game tied 14-14, In-Sync took their timeout to try and slow down their opponent’s momentum.  With teamwork of Simidchieva and Karlie Intlekoter, In-Sync managed a critical block to give them possession of the volleyball. With stellar defense from Lau, Swat Team regained possession of the serve. Child put his team in the lead with 5 points. With Swat Team holding the lead 19-18, In-Sync knew it was now or never. Both teams displayed great teamwork and effort, but it was Johns’s last serve that gave In-Sync the 23-21 win and the championship.

Swat Team

(Alphabetical): Joshua Abrams, Paola Arango, Arianna Burke, Daniel Child, James Lau, Leonardo Meira, Allison Mulvey, Chelsea Paolella, Ylia Wilson