Co-Rec Volleyball Special Spring 2007


Alik Apelian, Krista Bun, Matthew Eng, Alexandra Fanuele, Jonathan Kou, Thomas Ortiz, Henry Tran, Kim Vo, Ricky Wong

Championship Game Summary
Kaboom 2, Vipers 1

Twenty-one teams vied for the 2007 spring volleyball championship. After a three-set loss in the fall co-rec volleyball final and an upset loss in the quarterfinals of last year’s spring volleyball championship, Kaboom did not drop a set en route to the championship final. In contrast, the Vipers were battle-tested as they were extended to three sets in three of their four victories. Game one began slowly until Christine Foley strung together several big serves to give the Vipers a 7-3 lead. Kaboom co-captain Matt Eng’s kill ended the scoring and handed the serve to co-captain Jonathan Kou. He responded with three points and put Kaboom back into the game. Krista Koehn served the Vipers to a 10-6 lead. With her team in dire straits, Alik Apelian, backed by stellar offensive play, rattled off four points to cut the lead to 11-10. It was as close as Kaboom would get; the Vipers took the first game 15-10. In the second game, Kaboom came out smoking with an 8-0 lead behind Tom Ortiz’s serves and Ricky Wong’s & Eng’s ferocious kills. Their one-two punch at the net and balanced team serving helped to extend the Kaboom lead to 14-3. The Vipers had their opportunity at serve but seemed to sideout more often than gain a point. The Vipers did manage to nibble at the lead to reach six points. With the score at 14-6, Eng’s serve was returned by the Vipers. Eng then set up Ortiz for the kill and the second game 15-6. In the rally-scoring third game, both teams vied competitively for a thriller of a final. For the Vipers, Foley continued her steady service while teammates Gordie Stewart, Dan McComb & Jerry Yuan helped the team at the net. More soft touches, rather than kills, found their way to the floor as Kaboom found themselves imbalanced defensively. With a 13-8 edge, it looked as if the Vipers were poised to put Kaboom away. However, the service to turned back to Ortiz, and Eng woke up his teammates with crucial blocks. Kaboom crept back into the game to match the Vipers at 15. Good & bad plays offensively & defensively are all important in the rally game, as both teams found out. Christine Cheung’s net serve & Alex Fanuele’s mishit continued the teams on even ground to 16 points. With the score tied at 17, Kaboom once again unleashed Wong with two kills to bring the score to 19-17. This game ended much like the second game: Eng served and passed a Vipers return to Wong who slammed a monstrous kill to the Vipers’ floor. Kaboom at last secured their championship with a 20-17 third game victory.



Christine Cheung, Molly Cronin, Christine Foley, Manneh Ghazarians, Krista Koehn, Daniel McComb, Jacob Pearlstein, Gorson Stewart, Robin Stewart Demartino,
Stephanie Wong, Jerry Yuan