Co-Rec Volleyball Special Spring 2002

Pi Delta Psi

Melissa Chan, Joseph Cheung, Brian Chiou, Angela Fu, Tye Huynh, Sharon Lew, Lisa Mak, Lan Nguyen, David Tam, Hoc Tran, Irene Wong, Marian Wong, Brian Yamagata

Championship Summary
Pi Delta Psi defeated Bling Bling 15-7, 16-14

This year’s final saw Pi Delta Psi versus Bling Bling. Bling Sling’s Erik Diamond served two aces to start the game, but strong back row defense from PDP’s Sharon Lew quickly got the ball back to allow Hoc Tran to serve 4 of his 10 points to put PDP’s lead at 4-2. Huge kills from Sling Bling’s Jerry Botelho were for naught due to Sling’s inability to convert possessions to points. PDP quickly took the game to 14-2 before there was any sign of life from Bling Bling. With the serve back to Bling Bling, Amy Kittredge fired 5 quick serves to bring the game to 14-7. The comeback would stop there as a costly net violation from Diamond gave momentum back to PDP. PDP’s Joe Cheung served game point at 15-7.

In game 2, PDP’s Dave Tam started the game with two aces and consistent hard serves. Botelho tried to spark his team as he swung big to end PDP’s rally. Bling Bling’s Jeff Kaplan stepped to the service line staring down a 6-point deficit. Kaplan squeezed out 4 points from the scrappy PDP defense before the rally was lost. The teams traded serves until Bling Bling’s Botelho served a 6-point run to give his team their second lead of the match at 12-11. Tam then served PDP to game point but failed to get his next serve over the net. Taking advantage of the misplay, Sling Bling’s Kaplan served to tie the game at 14. The hopes of a Bling Bling win fell to the floor as an errant pass off the ceiling caused a sideout. PDP served to become the volleyball special champion 15-7, 16 14.

Bling Bling

Alessandria Botelho, Jeremias Botelho, Erik Diamond, Jeffrey Kaplan, Amy Kittredge, Jason Lazorcik, Andre Martins, Gretchen McAuliffe, Erin Shepardson, Helena Young