Co-Rec Volleyball Special Spring 2001


Karl Anderson, Katherine Bonner, Lindsay Franke, Matthew Hollingshead, Jennifer Markey, Bethany Sampson, Andrew Watson

Championship Summary
Walrus defeated Iron Assault 15-4, 15-4

Hoping to repeat from their fall semester championship, Walrus headed into the final to face a formidable Iron Assault team. Walrus immediately jumped to a 4-0 lead. Battling back with strong front row play from Mike Glashow, Iron Assault brought the score to 6-2. With smart hitting by Andrew Watson and the consistent serving of Karl Anderson, Walrus brought the game seemingly out of reach with a 12-2 lead. A timely kill by Robert Toth got the serve back for Iron Assault who stepped up their game and brought the score to 12-4, but a smart hit by Lindsay Franke got the ball back and ultimately finished the game for Walrus.

In game two, Walrus proved to be too strong and quickly jumped to an 8-1 lead. Some unforced errors could have been costly for Walrus, but Iron Assault could only bring the score to 8-4. Walrus played the next 7 points with near perfect volleyball and took home, for the second time in as many semesters, the co-rec championship 15-4, 15-4.

Iron Assault

David Cheung, Kimberly Dickson, Michael Glashow, Jennifer Gosselin, Jennifer Hom, Pychey Rin, Mai Son, Jennifer Sousa, Robert Toth,
Mario Verschl