Co-Rec Volleyball Special Spring 1998

Team Diesel

Championship Summary
Team Diesel defeated Vebola 15-1, 15-10

Eighteen teams entered the 1998 Volleyball Special Tournament. Vebola was undefeated in league play. In the tournament, Vebola survived The Insolent Monkeys (14-16, 16-14, 15-8). They easily handled the Taz Manian Devils (15-3, 15-6) and held off Larperspike (12-15, 16-14, 15-7) to reach the finals. Team Diesel did not drop a game enroute to the finals as they defeated The Herpes (15-1, 15-4), Slam (15-13, 15-8), and Body English (15-11, 15-9).

In game 1 of the championship match, Cammy Wong set the tone by reeling off six unanswered points before Vebola managed to score a point. Team Diesel finished the game on the strong service of Ricky Chan, 15-1.

Team Diesel rolled into game 2 and led 7-0 before Robert Anderson cut the lead to 7-2 on two key serves. Points were hard fought, Vebola trailed 10-6 and were gaining confidence. Cammy Wong's two service points ballooned the lead to 12-6. Jon Weiner added two service points and Vebola scored off two hitting errors but their fate was sealed. Team Diesel took the game 15-10 and the championship.