Co-Rec Soccer Spring 2013

Dougal's Danglers

Back Row: William Halket, Joey Howlett, Michael Mulroy, Ben Gross, Ryan Del Vecchio
Front Row: Natalie Hebenstreit, Rebecca Jackson, Kenzie Langkammerer, Catherine Dam,
Jaclyn Rini

Championship Game Summary
Dougal's Danglers 2, UMass C Team 0

On May Day 2013, two worthy teams squared off on the Intramural Fields to decide the 2013 Spring Co-Rec Soccer Championship. This match was fought between the UMass C Team and Dougal’s Danglers. It was the last day of classes and all that was on these two teams’ minds was a chance to win a championship t-shirt. UMass C Team started off with the ball and the game was under way.  Throughout the first few minutes, both teams were testing each other’s waters by passing in and out of their zones. Dougal’s Danglers’, Mike Mulroy took the first shot of the game firing a shot right at UMass C Team’s goalkeeper, Nathan Feshbach-Meriney, who snagged it right out of the air before crossing the goal line.

UMass C Team tried to bring the momentum back to their side with a quick breakaway by Anthony Damiano, but Dougal’s Dangler’s swarming defense stopped him before he could even get a shot off. A few minutes later, Mulroy was on the attack again weaving through the UMass C Team defense and was able to get a shot off but it was magnificently blocked by Damiano. That would not be the last time we heard Mulroy’s name. As the ten minute mark approached Mulroy took a rocket of a shot from the right side of the net, slicing it past the keeper and into the bottom left side of the goal. Dougal’s Danglers were now up 1-0.

UMass C Team was not fazed by this goal as they went right back on the attack. Cat Cossavella had a great look at the goal from the right side as she took a shot, but it was saved by Dougal’s Danglers’ goalkeeper, Ryan Del Vecchio. With around three minutes to play in the first half, UMass C Team was once again trying to even the score as Albert Kwaskiewicz tried to out dangle the Danglers with his foot skills. Dougal’s defense was able to halt his attack before he had a chance to shoot. The half would end with Dougal’s Danglers up 1-0.

Dougal’s Danglers picked up from where they left off as they controlled the ball in UMass C Team’s end for the first few minutes of the second half. However, they never were able to get a shot off. Damiano lobbed a great ball into the box hoping to find a teammate’s head but Del Vecchio was able snag it out of the air. Dougal’s Danglers then took momentum right back with a great through ball to Joey Howlett. Howlett had a great look at the net but UMass C Team’s defense was able to swarm Howlett and steal the ball. The second half moved along smoothly with both teams playing their hardest to every ball and on every shot.

 UMass C Team’s Alex Puchrik lobbed a great ball from the corner but once again Del Vecchio came through in the clutch and snagged it out of the air. Damiano had a few more great looks at the net but he was not able to find the back of it. With nine minutes left to play in the match, Mulroy was back at it with another magnificent shot that squeaked by two UMass C Team defenders and their goalie to put Dougal’s Danglers up 2-0.

With 7 minutes left to play, Puchrik’s shot was saved by Del Vecchio, which led to a corner kick. UMass C Team really needed to capitalize on this corner as time was running out. His kick was able to find Cossavella’s head but once again Del Vecchio made the save. The half ended with a few more odd man advantages for UMass C Team but they were never able to capitalize. The final whistle blew and Dougal’s Danglers came out victorious as they took the crown winning the match 2-0. Both teams played fantastic but like always, we need a winner. Congrats to both teams.

UMass C Team
Back Row: Anthony Damiano, Nathan Feshbach-Meriney, Catherine Cossovela, Lily Augustini,
Mike Ronan, Albert Kwaskiewicz
Front Row: Alex Puchrik, Jacqueline Lacobucci, Chun Kit Johnathan Luk, Beth Cormack, Danielle Zinck, Courtney Talbot