Co-Rec Soccer Spring 2012

Team Rocket

Back Row:Michael Bradley, Shota Kobayashi, Ryo Gokita, Soto Chaniotakis,
Thomas Hernon
Front Row: Manuel Escanciano, Kelly Finneran, Jillian Drew

Championship Game Summary
Team Rocket 2, Unreal Madrid 1

Unreal Madrid and Team Rocket fought hard for the title of co-rec soccer champion. Despite the effort from Unreal Madrid’s defender Dave Matthews, the first goal was scored by Team Rocket’s Shota Kobayashi in the fourth minute. His shot came from 30 yards out and was drilled to the far corner past all defenders. Unreal Madrid’s goalie faced many difficult shots, made several diving saves and did a great job clearing shots. This skill was matched by Team Rocket’s use of headers and quick passing game. In the eighteenth minute, Team Rocket’s Thomas Hernon fired a shot on goal that deflected off a white defender for the 2-0 first half lead.

As the game progressed, the players became more physical. A yellow card was given within the first few minutes of the second half to Team Rocket. Unreal Madrid's direct kick just above the box was saved and directed down the field.

With one minute remaining in the game, Team Rocket’s goalie Soto Chaniotakis attempted to steal the ball but went in spikes up. Chaniotakis received a yellow card and was asked to leave the game. A penalty kick was awarded to Madrid's Peter Levin. Manuel Escanciano subbed in as goalie and was not able to stop Levin's shot. The score was 2-1 with 43 seconds left. Team Rocket’s Ryo Gokita assisted the team throughout the game with advanced footwork and skills that led to several key plays. His defense directed the ball away from dangerous areas. Despite Matthews’ strong efforts and great defensive plays, Team Rocket came up with the win. 

Unreal Madrid
Back Row: Kelsie Mitchell, Laurel Banach, David Matthews, Michael Kaczowka,
Nassim Aoude, Alexander Ferreira, Katie Barron
Front Row: Michelle Reilly, William Franco, Brendan O’Connor, Peter Levin,
John Manteige, Justin Kochm