Co-Rec Soccer Spring 2009


(Alphabetical): Heather Alie, Gregory Burke, Kristen Dressel, William Garofano,
Meaghan Giangregorio, Conor Hayes, Michelle Kissane, Laura Marketti, Kevin McMillan,
Joseph Murphy, Jeffrey Newton, Eoin O'Brien, Daniel O'Quinn, Domenic Previte,
Anthony Sacco, Robert Sargent, Brian Spencer


Championship Game Summary
S.F.C. 5, Pike 1

At the end of a wet season, the weather finally cooperated for the co-rec championship between S.F.C. and Pike, both 4-0 in league play. S.F.C. barely took the time to settle in before Dom Previte scored the game’s first goal at 18:55. Less than a minute later, Meaghan Giangregorio nestled a kick just over the head of the Pike keeper for S.F.C.’s two goal lead. Pike would not go quietly, however, as they soon generated some offense. S.F.C.’s Jeff Newton had some help on his throw-in by Dan O’Quinn who scored with a beautiful header at 11:57. S.F.C. was just proving to be too much at both ends for Pike. The game seemed to be in hand for S.F.C. with the 3-0 halftime lead, but Pike would have other plans.

On the kickoff to start the 2nd half, Pike drove into S.F.C. territory to score its first goal by Andrew Geraghty. Just when Pike seemed to be back in the game, S.F.C.’s Newton had other plans. Newton put the ball into the net for S.F.C.’s fourth goal at 14:01. From start to finish, S.F.C.dominated Pike. Fittingly, S.F.C.’s Previte scored the game’s first and last goals. Fed by a great pass, Previte streaked down the sideline and fired home the game’s last notch. S.F.C. staked its claim as champion in convincing 5-1 fashion.


(Alphabetical): Amy Bastien, Nicholas Beaudoin, Ashley Cronan, Danielle Centi, Andrew Geraghty, Thomas Geraghty, Alexander Gutowski, Robyn Hennessy, Keely Miller,
Robert Miller, Emily Roberts, Taylor Rossi, Evgeny Sarychev, Lyndsey Toth,
Gregorios Varypatakis, Richard Yennaco