Co-Rec Soccer Spring 2005


Jonathan Alves, Jeremy Cenci, Kenneth Christle, Erik Hoagland, Emmanuel Kwo, Jessica Miele, Kathleen Mulvey, Paul Piquette, Amanda Prentice,
Emily Railsback, Rabeeh Saleh, Geovanni Santos, Abby Shafner,
Nicole Valaskatgis

Championship Game Summary
Stardome 3, Stangs 1

The co-rec championship featured Stangs and Stardome.  Stardome had four playoff wins to reach the final, including a dramatic win over Rage that was decided by penalty kicks. Stangs were matched up against World Cup soccer champion Boom in the quarterfinals and were able to squeak out a 2-1 victory. Stangs came out and controlled the game from the get-go. Captain Brian Mozeleski controlled the midfield, while Dave Pollack peppered Stardome keeper Emmanuel Kwo with shots. Pollack finally broke through at the 10 minute mark and beat Kwo with a shot outside the penalty area. Stangs had a couple chances to build on their lead but ended up just missing the net.  Stardome made adjustments at halftime and converted on their first real good scoring opportunity when Erik Hoagland made a run at the beginning of the second half.  With 14 minutes remaining Talia Ramsdell suffered a leg injury, forcing Stangs to play with five players. Stardome agreed to play 5-on-5. The game opened up and both sides had good scoring opportunities. Kwo’s superb play continued in goal.  With very little time left in the game and overtime on the horizon, Hoagland broke through the defensive line and scored one-on-one against Stangs keeper Dannon Stacer.  In the final minute, Jeremy Cenci scored the clincher as Stacer left his net to create a stronger attack. Stardome captured the win 3-1.


Patrick Bachant, Camille Ceravolo, Michael D'Anello, Danielle Frentzos,
Kyle Kenyon, Dmitry Kuksin, Jamie Meadows, Brian Mozeleski, David Pollack, Talia Ramsdell, Dannon Stacer, Daniel Tighe, Yaphet Tilahun