Co-Rec Soccer Spring 2002


Heaher Astley, Scot Chisholm, Kristen Coppins, Peter de Florio, Samuel Gardner,
Nicole Martignetti, Patrick Lepore, Christopher Penney, Patrick Walsh, Jennifer Weis, Justin Zerneri

Championship Game Summary
Superstars 3, Hooters 0

After winning their respective semifinal games earlier in the day, the championship game between Superstars and Hooters looked like an interesting match-up. How would these teams react to playing two grueling playoff games in the same day? From the start of the game, Superstars used a combination of speed, patience and tight defense to create several scoring opportunities. Scot Chisholm and Justin Zerneri peppered Hooters’ goalkeeper John O’Donnell before Zerneri scored late in the half for the 1-0 edge.

In the second half, Superstars’ speed finally wore down Hooters’ defense, Kristen Coppins hit Zerneri on a nice crossing pass in front of the goal and Zerneri banged home the second goal of the game. Chisholm closed out the scoring with a fanciful breakaway. The speedy forward stole the ball at midfield, outsprinted the Hooters’ defense and sent a rocket to the back of the net. Superstars defense, anchored by Heather Ashley, Pat Lepore and keeper Peter de Florio, kept Hooters away from the net and caused them to take long distance shots. It was this team approach that took Superstars to their second consecutive title.


Winder Alexandre, Stephen Bene, Nicholas Capman, Rachel Cole, Jeffrey Clarkson,
Caitlin Courtney, Daniel Cummings, Amy Driscoll, Jaclyn Frederick, Stephen Gill,
Alexander Hoyo, Jorge Landauro, Antonio Lomba, Jonathan O'Donnell, Sara Pawluk,
John Reid, Tara Shultis, Eric Smith, Matthew Thornton