Co-Rec Soccer Spring 2001


Heather Astley, Scot Chisholm, Shaun Dougherty, Peter DeFlorio,
Nicole Martignetti, Jennifer Mikkola, Patrick Lepore, Patrick Walsh, Jennifer Weis, Justin Zerneri

Championship Game Summary
Superstars 4, Army of Darkness 1

This years co-rec championship featured Superstars and Army ol Darkness. Favored to win, Superstars had a league record of 5-0. Throughout the playoffs, Superstars had only one goal scored against them, and they had no trouble charging to the finals with game scores of 12-1, 6-0 & 2-0. Army of Darkness had a tougher season, with a league record of 3-2 and playoff game scores of 9-0, 3-1, 3-2, & 5-4.

The first half was evenly matched; both teams had opportunities to score but were unsuccessful. The first half ended scoreless. Twenty seconds into the second half, Superstars Scot Chisholm got the first goal. Not more than three minutes later Superstars scored again, this time by Shaun Dougherty. After Superstars scored their second goal, Army of Darkness kicked it up a gear and came right back with a goal from Joe Shultz. But that didn’t stop Superstars from scoring two more goals, Chisholm getting his second back-of-the-netter and teammate Justin Zerneri adding another. The co-rec team of destiny Superstars was truly just that in the 4-1 win.

Army of Darkness

Jennifer Battle, Julie Beauchamp, Benjamin Bradford, Catherine Coy,
Brett Degregorio, Andrew Donahue, Erin Drake, Christopher Ford,
John Graham, Agatha Kessler, Marc LaFlamme, Kathryn Lipson,
Meghan Lout, Joe Schultz, Joyce Trapasso, Lucas Zenk