Co-Rec Soccer Spring 1997


Championship Game Summary
Cosmos 9, No Name Team II 1

On this dreary Tuesday afternoon, May 13th, the Cosmos played their final soccer game to win the co-rec soccer series of 1997. Their opponents, the No Name Team II were defeated, 9-1. It was a very strong game led by the Cosmos, unfortunately the No Name Team II lacked players, so they had a rough time, despite their effort. The Cosmos scored goals one after the other, with some nice goals made by Seth Mirsky and John Yates. By the end of the first half, Cosmos were already ahead by 5. Nevertheless the No Name Team II had determination, displayed by Ciarian Cribbs and the one goal made by Aram Goudsouzian. If they had a full team present, who knows what might have happened. Overall, both teams showed great sportsmanship and superb soccer skills. Congratulations, Cosmos!

No Name Team II