Co-Rec Kickball Fall 2012

Anything But Good

Back Row: Mike Frasca, Mike Scoja, Dan McDermott, Johnny Flashive, Mike Gearty
Front Row: Kasey Reynolds, Tara Reynolds, Eva Laznicka, Lindsey Cantin


Championship Game Summary
Anything But Good 3, Lavender Love Handles 2

As a defending champion, Anything But Good came out once again and made it to the final this year. With all the weather conditions and opponent forfeits, the Lavender Love Handles went to the playoffs with a 1-0 record, and ABG went with a 2-1 record. Both teams competed in their first game of the season in the semi-final with a final score of 4-1. They both provided an exciting and an epic championship game in freezing cold weather.

LLH won the coin toss and started kicking. In the top of the first inning, Nick DeFusco led the kicking team. He kicked to leftfield and got to first, followed by Noelle Mattessich, who also kicked a single, allowing Nick to obtain second base. ABG played great defense and prevented LLH from scoring in the first inning. Tara Reynolds was the first one to kick for ABG and made it to the first base. There wasn’t enough help, however, and the inning concluded with no score. In the second inning, Tara Reynolds caught the first kick by Colleen Byrne.  Dan McDermott made a diving catch in the centerfield thereafter. Jordan O’Sullivan hit a ground ball to the center field. Michael Frasca caught it, but overestimated and threw it over Eva Laznicka’s head in an attempt to get it to the infield. Jordan got to first base. The top of the inning ended with Nick DeFusco’s strikeout. ABG couldn’t score in the bottom of the inning and the score remained 0-0 going into the third inning.

Despite Kevin DeFusco’s kick in the first inning, LLH was unable to score. Captain and pitcher for the LLH, Connor Schneider, caught two ground balls for the team and the score was still 0-0. LLH finished the fourth inning with three quick outs in a row. In the bottom of the inning, Michael Gearty reached first base. Lindsay Cantin’s kick was caught by O’Sullivan. Michael Frasca was up, he kicked it with great force, the powerful ball flew to the right field. It seemed like he would’ve reached second base or third base, however, the strong wind blew the ball to foul territory.

This game was so exciting and unpredictable even though the score seemed so low. Both teams had no score to enter the final inning. They needed to figure out a good tactic in order to win the championship. Before starting the inning, everyone on the LLH took off their jackets and showed their purple team shirts. With that team display of pride, Nick DeFusco reached first base with the first kick. After Noelle Mattessich’s kick, LLH had the bases loaded with only one out. Colleen Byrne kicked and LLH led 2-0.

This put a lot of pressure on ABG. They needed to ensure that they could get at least 3 points in order to come back. Kasey Reynolds was the first one to kick in the bottom of the final inning. With the best kick of the night, she was able to rip a double. After Michael Scola’s kick, this time ABG had the bases loaded. Lindsay Cantin was up and kicked to centerfield. Nick DeFusco and Kayla Onofaro collided but DeFusco was able to reach out and catch the ball. Reynolds ran to home base and scored 1 point for ABG. Dan McDermott ran to the third base. The score was 2-1. John Flahive was up. He kicked it to the centerfield. Defusco dove but could not reach the ball. Anything But Good’s rally ended when the Lavender Love Handles came back 3-2. Both teams provided a thrilling and entertaining Co-Rec Kicking Championship Game.

Lavender Love Handles

Back Row: Connor Schneider, Nick Defusco, Tim Orton, Kevin Defusco
Front Row: Colleen Byrne, Kayla Choforo, Jordan O'Sullivan, Noelle Mattesich