Co-Ed Softball Fall 1995

Team Myst

Season Summary

Eleven teams entered the 1995-96 Co-ed Softball Playoff Tournament. Rain, cold, early snow, and unplayable fields wreaked havoc on the tournament. Between the quarterfinals and the semi-finals were six days of cancellations over two weeks.

Sigma Kappa/Alpha Delta Phi won-by-forfeit over Southwest Sluggers and eked out an 11-10 win over Male Fraud only to forfeit in the semi-finals. Defending champions Teabags won-by-forfeit over What Not? and forfeited in the semi-finals.

Team Moo's bats awakened in time to pound the Sweathogs, 27-12 and solidly beat Pulsating Tongues, 12-5, only to forfeit in the semi-finals. Team Myst easily handled the Bullets, 10-4, in their quarter-final game and then reaped the benefits of all the forfeits as the won they championship by forfeit.

(No runner-up: forfeit)