Co-Rec Broomball Spring 2013


Left to Right:  Greg Bitsimis, Anthony Nostramo, Corey Bauman, Katie Donovan, Nikki Foxworth

Championship Game Summary
Nineee 11, Citrus Squad 2

One might think that the Mullins Center Practice rink knew that it was being used for a momentous occasion, as the ice was a bit shinier the night it played host to the Inaugural Broomball Championship. The match featured two worthy opponents as Nineee faced off against Citrus Squad. The game was full of excitement from the opening face-off. Nineee got off to an early 1-0 lead when Katie Donovan shot and scored five seconds into the game. Nineee was not done. Shortly after the following face-off, Cory Bauman dug a ball out of the boards and managed to score to put Nineee up 2-0.

Citrus Squad would not go down without a fight, and they started peppering the net with shots. Unfortunately only one would go in as Ryan Lehmann scored from the slot to cut the score to 2-1. An excellent tripping call by the officials gave Nineee a power play. Nineee capitalized on the odd man advantage. Anthony Nostramo fired one in to make the score 3-1. Nineee had a very effective strategy as they would constantly try to loft the ball with their broom over the defense and into the attacking end. This would usually result in a goal or a great pass. After a long lofted pass into a huddle of players, Greg Bitsimis managed to get his broom on the ball and knock it out of the group.  It trickled into the net to put Nineee up 4-1. Shortly after, Bauman fired one in to make the score 5-1 for Nineee as the half came to a close. Nineee seemed to be the better team in the first half but as Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”

The second half opened up with probably the best goal of the game as Nostramo scored with a lofted shot from end to end over everyone to put Nineee up 6-1. One of the thousands of fans on hand mentioned that Nostramo’s goal was even awarded a SportsCenter top 10 nomination. Nikki Foxworth then got involved in the game for Nineee as she put together two very nifty goals to build up the lead and make the score 8-1. Citrus Squad started to build momentum as Ryan Castro fired one into the net from the point to cut the score to 8-2.

That momentum soon halted as Bauman dangled his way to a pretty goal and Nineee got the previous goal back and went up 9-2. A lot of energized, back and forth action gave Citrus Squad a glimpse of hope. Nineee’s lack of subs started to show. Unfortunately, Citrus Squad could not capitalize as Nostramo, followed by Foxworth, capped off their Hat Tricks (no pun intended) to make the score 11-2. Both teams fought hard, but only one could be crowned champion. Nineee took home the title as the first ever UMass Intramural Broomball Champions.

Citrus Squad
Left to Right: Danielle Shilling,. Ryan Castro, Ryan Lehmann, Molly Graham, Cam Webb, Chris Boselli, Nicole Bajdek