Men's Bean Bag Toss Fall 2012

Theta Chi

Left to Right: Zachary Carpenter, Evan Twomey


Championship Game Summary
Theta Chi defeats It's In The Hole 11-0, 11-3

It was extremely important for teams to be on their A game in this Thursday night’s Bean Bag Toss Tournament. After all, one quick loss and teams were sent packing and on their way back to a lonely college house or dorm room. Two teams, Theta Chi and It’s In The Hole, did come with their game faces on in their quest for an Intramural Champion T-Shirt. For the finals game, both teams agreed on a best of 3 series with games to 11.

In the first game, it was all Theta Chi. Zachary Carpenter started off the game with a toss into the hole and one on the board for 4 points. His opponent, Jonathon Bannon, landed one and just missed getting another bag in the hole which resulted in a 3-0 lead for Theta Chi. It was now time for Ezra Dantowitz of It’s In The Hole and Evan Twomey of Theta Chi to show what they had with their first tosses of the game. Evan started strong, landing 3 of his 4 bags right next to the hole. However, Ezra did a good job combating that by landing 2 of his 4 bags, making it a plus one for Theta Chi in the second round of tosses. Zachary Carpenter’s next round of tosses was truly impressive, landing two and making two, giving Theta Chi a plus 8 and sealing the dominant game one with a 12-0 finish.

In Game 2, It’s In The Hole was hoping to give a better showing than in Game 1, but it was Theta Chi that came out firing. Theta Chi, with a duo assault by Evan Twomey and Zachary Carpenter, started off game 2 with an 8-1 lead. On the preceding shot, Carpenter sunk one which appeared to be the game winner. With one bag remaining, Jonathon Bannon made it in the hole to save the game from ending. This last push was not enough to hold off Theta Chi, who ended the game within the next two sets of shots to make it an 11-3 Game 2 victory. Theta Chi cruised to the championship, winning two games to none in the first ever University of Massachusetts Intramural Bean Bag Toss Championship.

It's In The Hole

Left to Right: Ezra Dantowitz, Jonathan Bannon