Women's Basketball Spring 2014

Kool-Aid Jammers

Back Row: Abigail Norwood, Sarah Newcomb, Johanna L'Hereux, Taryn O'Neil, Kathryn McGonagle
Front Row: Katie Racicot, Ashley Dion, Amy Wardner, Amanda Wyman


Championship Game Summary
Kool-Aid Jammers 36, Grey Ghosts 29

On Monday, March 10, 2014, the Women’s Championship Basketball game took place between the Grey Ghosts and the Kool Aid Jammers. Both teams were coming into this championship game after tremendous undefeated seasons. The Ghosts had won the initial jump ball they started the game off with a big 6-0 lead because of two three-pointers from #25 and #1 (names unavailable). As the game began to approach the 13 minute mark, both teams had found their strong defensive identities that they had adopted all season and the score was only 8-2, Grey Ghosts.

As time wound down in the first half, the Kool Aid Jammers’ offense was kick started with a finesse lay-up by Johanna L’Hereux and was followed up quickly by her teammate Sara Newcomb who hit a deep tree pointer. These big baskets had the Jammers up for the first time in the game at 10-9. At the same time, the Grey Ghosts defense began to look somewhat sluggish as the Kool Aid Jammers were already at 1 and 1 with 6:30 seconds still left in the first half. Unlike the vanishing energy and focus from the Grey Ghosts, the Jammers offense busted right through the gym wall to take their biggest lead of the game at 16-11. The Ghosts looked like they might get the momentum shift they needed headed into halftime, but a buzzer beater was waved off, taking the wind out of their sails. The Halftime score remained 16-11, Kool Aid Jammers.

To start the half the Grey Ghosts inbound the ball and immediately hit a big three-pointer to keep them in the game at 16-14. This was followed by the big bucket by #25 on the Grey Ghosts. She also scored the next three baskets and this offensive outburst led to a 9-2 run to begin the half. The Grey Ghosts led 22-20 with about 13:30 left in the game. Then after a six minute defensive stalemate, the Jammers finally ended the drought by hitting one of two free throws to draw them within one point of the Grey Ghosts. The Kool Aid Jammers retook the lead at the two minute mark, 26-24.

Following a miss on the Ghosts first possession under two minutes, the Kool Aid Jammers ran the clock to 1:09 and hit one out of two free throws. Again the Grey Ghosts miss but quickly foul, putting the Jammers at the line to seal the game with only 28.4 seconds left. The Jammers were unable to seal the deal the Ghosts are quickly fouled putting them on the line down three still. Red hot #25 is only able to sink one of two very important free throws and brought the Ghosts within two. Again the Ghosts have to foul and put the Jammers at the free throw line. The Jammers left the door open for the Ghosts by missing both!  With just 11 seconds left on the clock, Sara Newcomb of the Grey Ghosts somehow, miraculously, bounced a rebound in to tie the game. What a crazy impossible shot?! The game is headed to OVERTIME at 27 all.

The Kool Aid Jammers scored the first point of overtime by hitting a free throw. The Grey Ghosts scored their last points of the game on the very next possession. The Jammers continued to score while the Ghosts just couldn’t find a rhythm. The final score of the game was 36-29, Kool Aid Jammers.

Grey Ghosts
(Photo not available)
Alphabetical: Rachel Claffy, Taylor Darmetko, Emily Lane, Suzanne Parker, Allison Robbins,
Kelsey Stanvick