Men's Basketball Spring 2014


Back Row: (unidentified), Elgin Long, Bernard Davis, Tyrell Smith, Jovan Santos-Knox, Kevin Lovaincy, (unidentified)
(Front Row):Randall Jette, Jaurice Jones, Trey Dudley-Giles

Championship Game Summary
DCYB 52, Will Hoop 4 Food 49

The Men’s Championship game was sure to be a good one, as defending champions Will Hoop 4 Food took on DCYB, members of the UMass Football team. Both teams were undefeated coming into the game, with neither showing any sort of weakness.

Will Hoop 4 Food came out of the gate hot with a 12-5 lead. Darin Harris was instrumental to the strong start with an early three-pointer and successful free throws. Kyle Morrison had a nice dish to Christian Rivera for a layup which really seemed to give Will Hoop 4 Food momentum. However DCYB’s ability to score quickly began to show, as Randall Jette hit back-to-back threes in a span of 30 seconds, immediately closing the gap to 1. After the scoring sprees, both teams started to buckle down defensively. The next five minutes of the game were scoreless, as the teams exchanged great defensive possessions. The stalemate was finally broken up by another three-pointer from Darin Harris. The half ended with a three point lead for Will Hoop 4 Food, 24-21.

The second half began in a similar fashion as the first half ended, tough nose defense. The first three minutes of the half was scoreless until DCYB’s Elgin Long made a three to tie the game at 24. For the next couple minutes, it was DCYB’s Randall Jette verses Will Hoop 4 Food’s Sean Ezeamama. Each began to showcase their versatility as scorers. Jette started it off with a three-pointer, to which Ezeamama quickly responded with a strong take to the hoop from the left side.

The next possession Jette had an even stronger and-1, which ignited the crowd! Will Hoop 4 Food’s next possession ended with a beautiful euro step around the defender for two points by Ezeamama. But Jette was on FIRE, as he came down and hit yet another three to make the score 34-32 DCYB. The next 6 minutes of the game had 5 different lead changes.  Jovan Santos-Knox (DCYB) had some ferocious rebounds and tough finishes around the hoop during this stretch. Uka Opara (Will Hoop 4 Food) played some physical defense and had a great put back layup as well.

With Will Hoop 4 food down two points, Darin Harris made a big three-pointer to go up one with 1:14 left in the game. However, DCYB said, “have no fear, Randall Jette is here!”  Again he came through with an even bigger three pointer to put DCYB back up two with just under a minute. A miss by Will Hoop 4 Food forced them to foul and that sent Santos-Knox to the free throw line. Both clutch free throws were made, bringing the DCYB lead to four with 33 seconds left on the clock. Will Hoop 4 Food missed a three-pointer on their next possession, and the rebound went to DCYB.  

The game appeared to be over. But wait! A technical foul on DCYB! The officials correctly enforced the rules, by giving DCYB their 1 and 1 free throws before they gave Will Hoop 4 Food their technical awarded two points and possession of the ball. DCYB made one of two free throws, making it a five point game. After the points awarded for the technical foul were factored in, it was a three point, one possession game with 11 seconds left. The inbound was made and a three-point attempt by Kyle Morrison was up to tie the game! The ball seemed to hang in the air in slow motion. If it went, we were off to overtime. If it didn’t, DCYB would dethrone the champs and leave their mark in the UMass Intramural history books. The ball hit the iron, rimmed out, and fell to the ground unsuccessful. DCYB and their group of fans stormed the court for a midcourt dance off to celebrate becoming the 2014 Men’s Intramural Champions.

Will Hoop 4 Food
(Photo not available)

Alphabetical: Kevin Djatcha, Zach Goodman, Darin Harris, James Hayes, Andrew Hoch, Kyle Morrison, Joe Nguyen,
Uka Opara, Christian Rivera