Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2014


Alphabetical: Kevin Cangiano, Timothy Carney, Taylor Dametko, Shannon Heffernan, Francesca Miceli, Michael Patti, Tara Van Vranken

Championship Game Summary
Sundy 53, Cookies and Kareen 47

In the Co-Rec league of UMass Intramural basketball this season, Cookies and Kareem faced off against Sundy in the championship game. Sundy set the pace of the game early jumping out to a 4-0 lead to start the game. Cookies and Kareem would climb back into the game and start sinking baskets, but the score was 13-6, Sundy midway through the first half. Sundy’s strong defense was showcased early on.  Cookies Kareem tried pushing the floor and Sundy began to stall on offense. Sundy’s lead was down to 18-16 by the end of the first half.

The second half saw a lot of foul shots that would become more and more important as the game wore on. With 13 minutes remaining, Cookies and Kareem was still down by two points. Sundy began to pull away and led by as much as 10 with two minutes remaining. Cookies and Kareem would not give up so easy though. With 1:08 left to play, Cookies and Kareem’s Mike Jezard made a layup in transition that closed Sundy’s lead to 3 points.

The game turned into a fouling situation with Cookies and Kareem trying to force a turnover or send Sundy to the free throw line and hoping that they miss their foul shots. Cookies and Kareem’s prayers were answered when they forced a turnover, but they were unable to capitalize on their own foul shots. The score was 42-39 in favor of Sundy when Cookies and Kareem rushed the ball up the court. With only 1.3 seconds left on the clock, Cookies and Kareem sunk a three-pointer to tie the game and send it to overtime. Overtime saw the pace go back and forth between both teams. Sundy would end up taking the lead 47-44 with three minutes to play. After the fouls and all was said and done, Sundy took home the UMass Intramural Basketball Co-Rec Championship by a score of 53-47.

Cookies and Kareen
Left to Right: Mike Jezard, Cai Perryclear, Taryn O'Neil, Mike Markland, Kendra Harkenrider,
Bob Whicher, Sean O'Keefe, Jeff Aldeus, Kathryn McGonagle, Maura Coyle