Women's Basketball Spring 2013

Grey Ghosts

(Back Row): Glynis Fasherty, Melissa Stanvick, Emily Babon, Kelsey Starvick
(Front Row): Suzanne Parker, Rachel Claffrey, Laura Napolitana


Championship Game Summary
Grey Ghosts 34, Wolfpack 30

On Monday March 11th the top two teams in the Women’s division clashed in a championship game for the ages.  Grey Ghosts won the opening tip and controlled the ball and opened the game with number 25, Melissa Stanvick taking it strong to the bucket for a tough lefty contested layup.  However the Wolfpack were quick to counter with a bucket of their own; a great cut to the hoop by number 12, Julia McWilliams assisted by number 14, Devon Black.  The Wolfpack opened an 8-5 lead with a big three-pointer by Nicole Grenier.  Another nice take by Nicole to make it 15-12 going into the last minute of the first half.  Suzanne Parker drew a foul late in the first half to make a one and one.  Going to the line down three in the closing seconds of the first half, she made both free throws making it a 15-14 Wolfpack lead.  The first half was very closely contested; a lot of physical play.  The second half would be one for the ages.

The Wolfpack added to their lead with a great cut to start off the second half scoring by Emily Babon.  This gave the Wolfpack their biggest lead of the ballgame and the last lead they would have for the remainder of the game.  The Grey Ghosts called a timeout to regain their composure.  Their second half scoring started with a Suzanna Parker mid-range jumper to cut the lead to 17-16.  Great hustle by Emily Babon to save a loose ball that sparked a fast break layup to take a 20-17 lead.  Suzanne and Melissa Stanvick had a fantastic give and go to open up a 22-17 lead.  A Lauren Napolitana steal and mid-range jumper brought the lead to 24-17; the largest lead of the ball game.  However, the Wolfpack wouldn’t go away without a fight. Team captain Devon Black had a deep three to cut the lead to 24-20.  This was answered by a tough contested layup by Glynis Faherty. 

The Grey Ghosts were in front 26-20, and it was approaching five minutes left in the game.  After a pair of layups by both teams, Nicole Grenier had another huge three to cut the lead to 28-25.   This was followed by a steal by Devon Black and a layup.  The score was 28-27 and the Grey Ghosts took their final timeout of the game.  A layup and a pair of free throws by Suzanne Parker brought their lead to 32-27.  The Wolfpack wouldn’t go away with a huge three from Devon Black to cut the lead to 32-30 in the closing seconds.  Wolfpack had to foul, and the Grey Ghosts got the ball to their clutch free throw shooter, Suzanne Parker. Parker iced the game with two free throws to put them up for good at 34-30.  This was a fantastic game by both teams who showed great hustle, effort and most of all, sportsmanship.

(Photo not available)
(Alphabetical): Alanna Astion, Nicole Grenier, Keelynn Harris, Devin Kelley, Julia McWilliams,
Allison Treanor