Fraternity Basketball Spring 2013

Pi Kappa Alpha

Back Row:  Jake Higson, Matt Healy, Edward Caron, Michael Taus, Chris Behmann
Front Row: Michael Capano, Andrew Kleinman, Tyler Henry, Henry Liu

Championship Game Summary
Pi Kappa Alpha 30, Theta Chi 28

The Rec Center was host to four championship games on the evening of March 11, with the Fraternity division being the last of the four. Tip off was scheduled for 9PM, but the action didn’t start until around 9:30. Everyone knew the competition between Pike and Theta Chi was going to be a good one when Theta Chi brought in tons of fans to watch. The opening tip went to Pike but was shortly turned over. It was a slow start for the two teams and no points were scored in the first four minutes of the game. The first basket came from a free throw shot by Tim Kibbler. And the first field goal of the game by Theta Chi’s Sheamus McNamara wasn’t made until there was 12:40 remaining of the clock in the first half. Pike’s first points came with 11 minutes in the first half and with 9:30 remaining the score was 5-4 in favor of Theta Chi. After Theta Chi went on a 7-0 run, Pike was forced to use their first timeout of the game. Pike seemed to struggle to hit their outside shots so they looked for their points down low in the paint. Theta Chi led at the end of the first half, 15-10.

Pike came out in the second half ready to play and the entire game seemed to speed up and pick up intensity. Both teams seemed to be making more shots and taking advantage of their scoring opportunities. A big three-pointer came from Pike’s Eddie Caron to knot the game up at 23-23 with 11:30 in the game. Pike got their first lead of the game on a jumper by Ye Liu to go up 27-25. A layup by Harry Washington tied it back up at 27 with only 4:30 left. Another big three by Eddie Caron put Pike ahead by three. With just 1:30 left in the game, Pike was just trying to run down the clock. Since Theta Chi had three fouls to give, Pike was able to get the time down to 53 seconds before getting to the free throw line. A missed three gave Pike the ball back and put them on the foul line again with 37 seconds remaining. A foul with just three seconds remaining put Harry Washington of Theta Chi at the line for three shots and an opportunity to tie the game. He made his first and missed the second. He purposely missed his third but was unable to get the rebound and the game ended with a final score of 30-28 in favor of Pike.

Theta Chi

(Photo not available)

(Alphabetical): Jack Bernardon, Jeremy Chaitin, Cassidy Doherty-Crestin, Timothy Foster-Kibbler, Michael McGrath, Sheamus McNamara, Scott Mcpherson, Al Natola, Patrick O'Donnell, Max Shuchman