All-Campus Basketball Championship Spring 2013

Students of the Game

Back Row:  Justin McCarthy, Marinos Vouvakis, DeShawn Townsend, Ben Mohr, Kyle Morrison,
Michael Teixeira, Alan James
Front Row:  Khetsun Lokyitsanis, Luk Audate, Jim Hayes

Championship Game Summary
Students of the Game 56, Pi Kappa Alpha 39

On Tuesday the 12th of March, the last UMass intramural winter champion would be crowned. Folks gathered around the middle court of the Recreation Center as anticipation built for the very first All-Campus Basketball Championship. Both teams had already battled their way out of their respective tournament brackets (Fraternity and Men’s Intramural) and were now ready to square off toe-to-toe. In one corner representing, the fraternity bracket, stood PIKE with their glittering black and gold uniforms, and in the other corner stood the battle tested Students of the Game, that boasted several members of a team that came in 2nd last year and won the whole shebang two years ago.

Several minutes passed with neither team registering a basket. Finally Pi Kappa Alpha’s very own Eddie Caron drove the ball strong to the hoop. The lead was short lived, however, as Kyle Morrison ripped down a rebound and drove coast to coast for an “and one.” He converted the free throw. PIKE scored once more to go up 4-3. The game immediately slowed down in pace. Following a barrage of missed shots for both teams (all good looks) and unforced turnovers, Luc Audate kicked his game up a notch by dominating the glass and dropping in a pair of baskets that would ultimately end the lead for PIKE. This was the final time they were ahead. Morrison got big man Ben Mohr involved with an outlet for an easy fast break two. After a Students of the Game three-pointer by Khetsun Lokyitsang, the lead stood at 12-5 midway through the first.

The offensive push momentarily rattled PIKE as it led to several more turnovers and several more easy baskets for Students of the Game. That all changed with a thundering block from behind by PIKE’s Matt Healy which catapulted them into a little run that was capped off by a coast to coast layup by Jake Higson. Students of the Game had no struggles in curbing the change of momentum and ended the half on a tear of their own as they continued to flex their muscle. At the half the score read 32-16.

As the second half began, PIKE recognized they were in dire need of a quick start to salvage the game. Higson was up to trying to answer the call with increased intensity and a quick score. Ye Liu threw his own hat into the ring with back to back steals. Unfortunately their squad couldn’t capitalize on either TO because of two missed shots close to the basket. At this time when things started to look bleak, Students of the Game player Marinos Vouvakis was assessed a technical foul for six men on the floor as he ran across the court during play. The score was 38-24 with 16 minutes to go. The Students of the Game started to relax; feeling confident that they were well on their way to victory and began to put together some snazzy plays. Forward Justin McCarthy drove hard to the rim for a pair of lay-ins to quiet the storm and put a damper on any hopes of a comeback.

PIKE continued to fight and twice got the lead chiseled down to 13, but every time they went on a run and tried to string some good possessions together, Students of the Game stormed back cementing their victory. In the end as the buzzer sounded, the Students had become the teachers as they hoisted their championship t-shirts high and were proud to present a score of 56-39. The very first All-Campus Men’s Basketball Champions of 2013 were Students of the Game.

Pi Kappa Alpha
Back Row:  Jake Higson, Matt Healy, Edward Caron, Michael Taus, Chris Behmann
Front Row: Michael Capano, Andrew Kleinman, Tyler Henry, Henry Liu