Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2012

Lemonade Stand

Back Row:  Diana Triffletti, Keelynn Harris, Nicholas Coutinho,
Michael Lawson, Cameron Souza
Front Row:  Molly Caffelle, Greg Beaudoin, Jess Brown, Alanna Astion

Championship Game Summary
Lemonade Stand 47, Inappropriate CR Name #2 30

On a Tuesday night at UMass, the Rec Center was rockin’ for the spring 2012 co-rec basketball championship. The match-up featured Lemonade Stand versus Inappropriate CR Name #2. In their two match-ups of the season, Inappropriate CR Name #2 won by scores of 35-34 and 48-39. Lemonade Stand won the tip which turned into two quick points. Following two turnovers by Inappropriate CR Name #2, Molly Caffelle and Greg Beaudoin scored to make the score 6-0 in favor of Lemonade Stand. Beaudoin made his presence known on the boards by grabbing almost every rebound. Beaudoin scored another hoop to extend Lemonade Stand’s lead to 10-3.

With 10 minutes remaining in the half, Inappropriate CR Name #2’s Kevin Fogg drove to the hoop and got fouled as he made the basket. Fogg missed the free throw and LS led 10-5. Later in the half, Inappropriate CR Name #2‘s Nick Corcoran hit a 3-pointer to make the score 10-8, but Lemonade Stand’s Nick Coutinho came right back with a lay-up and was fouled. Coutinho missed from the charity stripe but his team still led 12-8. Later, ICRN #2's Lauren Hague snagged a rebound and passed to teammate Kyle Westberg who was fouled on his shot. Westberg missed both free throws. Coutinho grabbed the board and went the length of the floor to score. Lemonade Stand led 14-8.

Later in the half, Beaudoin's fade away jumper increased the lead to 18-9. The first half ended on a basket by Fogg who was also fouled. Fogg’s made free brought ICRN #2 closer at 18-13. 

In their previous two meetings, Inappropriate CR Name #2 had to come from behind to win, and it looked like they would have to do it again. The second half began with Lemonade Stand’s Jess Brown making a great pass to Beaudoin for a bucket. After a nice board by Cameron Souza, who drove the length of the court for another two points, LS led 22-15. Another Inappropriate CR Name #2 turnover gave Souza the ball, and he chipped in another two points to extend the lead by nine points. After getting fouled, Kate Kotfila made both free throws and ICRN #2 trailed 24-17. Later in the half, Corcoran and Coutinho traded baskets. ICRN #2 still trailed 30-21 and seemed unable to make up any ground. Lemonade Stand then went on a 5-0 to force ICRN #2 to use a timeout. Inappropriate CR Name #2 showed some life and fought valiantly to the end, but Lemonade Stand was too tough and captured the championship 47-30.

Inappropriate CR Name #2
(Back Row): Jennifer Baptista, Michael Trabucca, Kyle Westberg,
Kevin Fogg, David Sweeney, Lauren Hague
Front Row: Katelyn Kotfila, Nicholas Corcoran, Jennifer Krawiec