Women's Basketball Spring 2011


(Alphabetical):  Alison Brown, Eileen Finn, Michelle Libby, Jen MacAulay, Abby Shiffer, Morgan Valley


Championship Game Summary
Usetobees 79, Lemonade Stand 58

This year’s women’s basketball championship was between top-seeded Usetobees and #7 seed Lemonade Stand. The two teams had faced each other twice during the regular season with Usetobees getting the better of Lemonade Stand for both match-ups.

The starting lineup for Usetobees was Alison Brown, Michelle Libby, Abby Shiffer, Morgan Valley and Jen MacAulay. They were prepared to face the starting five for the Lemonade Stand, but  only three players, Jess Brown, Alanna Astion and Keelynn Harris showed for the game. Apparently, other Lemonade Stand players had too many commitments right before spring break and the thought of playing a team that had bested them twice did not seem appealing. Usetobees, seeing that there were only three players on the opposing team, started four of their players.

In the opening minutes of the first half, both Astion and Harris missed easy layups. Lemonade Stand then resorted to shooting jump shots and three-pointers. For Usetobees, they were able to pass the ball around the three defenders to the open player and get a layup or short jump shot at will. Despite the difference in height and player numbers on the court, the game was close for most of the first half until Usetobees pulled away before halftime. Usetobees led at the half 51-34.

At the start of the second half, Usetobees put three players on the floor to make the game more evenly-matched. Lemonade Stand seemed fatigued and discouraged by the score. The three Lemonade Stand players continued to play hard, playing a full-court, fast-paced three-on-three game. With the score 79-58, the game was called at the five-minute mark due to the mercy rule.

Lemonade Stand
(Alphabetical): Jess Brown, Alanna Astion, Keelyn Harris