Men's Basketball Spring 2009

Future Legends of Boyden

(Alphabetical): Ryan Bjorn, Joshua Burke, Roland Claudomir, Adrian Dennis,
Daniel Druker, Octavious Hawkins, Michael Maresca, Justin McCarthy, Daniel Smith,
Evan Violette


Championship Game Summary
Future Legends of Boyden 54, L.O.X. 42

Since their crowning as the champion of the fall holiday basketball tournament, Future Legends of Boyden have worn a target on their backs as the team to beat in the 2009 men’s intramural basketball season. L.O.X. assembled a squad full of athleticism and talent and vowed to challenge the early favorites. Cruising through the regular season, both powerhouses posted undefeated records while not giving opposing teams a significant chance of smelling success. As the regular season wound down, the friendly rivalry between Future Legends and L.O.X. began to heat up as they openly bantered about meeting in the championship. Being set on opposite sides of the men’s playoff bracket, the framework was set to showcase this much-anticipated match-up.

Future Legends seemed to take their foot off the gas, winning in the first two rounds of the playoffs without displaying their usual dominance. L.O.X. seemed to be hitting their stride and outscored their opponents 127-36 in their opening two rounds. However, in the following round, L.O.X. faced a scare from a fearless Rim Jobs team which held the lead until the final minutes of a thriller.  L.O.X. utilized their relentless full-court press and clutch sharp shooting from leader Daniel Francois to pull ahead in overtime to prevent the upset. Both teams buckled down late in the playoffs to confidently charge into the final to put the bantering to rest.

As the game tipped off, Future Legends quickly jumped to a 9-3 lead while forcing three early turnovers. Future Legends’ point guard Octavious Hawkins led his team in the first half while L.O.X.’s Donald Davis did not allow his squad to fall too far behind by contributing 10 points, including a three-point play the old fashioned way for the 34-30 Future Legends halftime lead. L.O.X. refused to back down in the second half while staying in Future Legends’ rearview mirror. Taking advantage of Hawkins’s foul trouble, Davis’s two free throws and Francois’s three-pointer pulled L.O.X. to within two points at 42-40 with 12 minutes left to play. Ryan Bjorn and Michael Maresca led Future Legends on a 7-0 run before Hawkins returned to the court. As the 3-minute mark approached, L.O.X. seemed to panic and force shots. Legends used their gritty defense and efficient offense to score 12 of the last 14 points scored on the way to a 54-42 final tally. Future Legends of Boyden solidified their legacy as one of the finest squads in recent UMass intramural history.

L.O.X. (Living Off Experience)

(Alphabetical): Calvin Belfon, Donald Davis, Daniel Francois, Michael Garcia,
Charles Koech, Eugene Montague, Danielson Tavares, Brandon Thorpe