Women's Basketball Spring 2008


Kristen Capaldo, Katie Kelly, Kristen McCormack, Rachael Mervine,
Kara Murphy, Jusna Perrin, Christine Rodgers, Emily Seery

Championship Game Summary
Bonecrushas 43, PSYCHedelic 34

This year's women's final pitted PSYCHedelic versus Bonecrushas. The first half featured excellent passing and shooting by both teams. Leading the way in scoring for PSYCHedelic was Helena Charron, who was a perfect 4/4 from the field. On the Bonecrushas side, the scoring lead was shared by Katie Kelly and Jusna Perrin with six points each. PSYCHedelic held the 20-18 lead at the half. The second half had an entirely different pace & look. Bonecrushas came out running & gunning with a 9-0 run. PSYCHedelic countered with a 6-0 run of their own.  Bonecrushas responded with stout defense to force multiple turnovers. By capitalizing on PSYCHedelic’s turnovers, Bonecrushas was able to re-gain the lead. Bonecrushas held on for the 43-34 win. PSYCHedelic's Charron lead all scorers with 19 points & shot an outstanding 7/8 (88%) from field. Kelly and Perrin from the  Bonecrushas lead their team with 11 points each.   


Anna Akerstedt, Janessa Carvalho, Helena Charron, Amy Claxton,
Sharonne Herbert, Mathilde LeRoy, Kathleen Masserang, Lindsay Metcalfe, Angela Pazzaglia