Grad Fac/Staff Men's Basketball Spring 2008

Axis II Ballers

Shane Conklin , Michael Constantino, John Fanton, James Hayes, Mark Manning, Brian Mullen, Pedro Rodrigues, Trampas Tenbroek

 Championship Game Summary
Axis II Ballers 48, Bad Boys 4 Life 24

The grad/fac championship featured a familiar team in intramural competition. Axis II Ballers, defending grad/fac champion. Axis II squared off against Bad Boys 4 Life, a new crew hopeful for an upset. Early in the half, Bad Boys struggled from beyond the arc & were unable to move the ball inside due to the presence of Axis II big man, Mark Manning. Jon Tosches was able to take the lid off the hoop for Bad Boys by sinking three consecutive three-point shots. That would be the last lead Bad Boys would have. Point guard Trampas Tenbroek was the offensive leader for Axis II,coordinating the frontcourt and driving the lane for a number of old fashioned three-point plays. Tenbroek found shooters in Shane Conklin and Jim Hayes, who drained a number of threes and easy lay-ups. Before Bad Boys realized what hit them, Axis II went on a 19-2 run. ‘Lights out’ shooting from Jack Fanton and inside domination from Manning posted a comfortable 10-point lead for Axis II at the half. Down 25-15, Bad Boys sprinted out of the halftime gates and scored seven unanswered points to quickly close the gap. Phil Chien and Brian Sharkey contributed key baskets to launch the Bad Boys back into the game. The blinding speed and fearlessness of Hayes shot Axis II to another commanding lead. Hayes repeatedly drove the lane, drew fouls from Bad Boys and finished the three-point play. As fouls piled up, the Bad Boys defense became timid and then was exploited by mid-range jumpers from sixth man Brian Mullen. The experience, in addition to talent, of Axis II Ballers, was more than Bad Boys could handle. Axis II won in back-to-back fashion, defeating Bad Boys 4 Life 48-24. A dynasty is upon us.

Bad Boys 4 Life

Mark Bergeron, Christopher Bowles, Yu (Phil) Chien, Francis Connolly, Christopher Leidel, Brian Sharkey, Jonathan Tosches, Scott Whitbeck