Basketball Co-Rec Spring 2008

Pat Noonan

Kelly Boardman, Meghan Courtney, Matthew Emond, Amanda Mohnk,
Danielle Murphy, Stacey Nelson, Jenna Olem, Edward Ross, Natalie Shea,
Erin Stuart

Championship Game Summary
The Bruisers 47, Pat Noonan 30

The co-rec final brought The Bruisers and Pat Noonan together to battle for the throne. The Bruisers were the first to gain control of the ball, but Pat Noonan’s defense quickly stole the ball, leading Matt Emond to score the first points of the night. Pat Noonan dominated the first five minutes of the game. The Bruisers were scoreless until Laura Hughes scored to end their drought. For the remainder of the half, The Bruisers tried to chip away at Pat Noonan’s lead, but struggled against the powerhouse Pat Noonan. At halftime, Pat Noonan held the double-digit 26-14 lead.

In the 2nd half, The Bruisers once again struggled offensively in the early stages. In true form and power, Pat Noonan dominated with key offensive contributors Emond, Natalie Shea & Trampas Tenbroek. The Bruisers’ Matt Liuzzo, Lauren Torres & Hughes scored to keep the game relatively close. In the end, however, Pat Noonan proved too tough for The Bruisers as they pulled away to the 47-30 win and the championship.

The Bruisers
Ryan Evans, Laura Hughes, Christopher Langseth, Matthew Liuzzo,
Sarah Marsan, Amir Norman, Matthew Pettine, Amanda Prentice,
Courtney Proctor, Daniel Ryan, Lauren Torres, Tishani Tyler