Women's Basketball Spring 2007


Sarah Cooper, Meaghan Doyle, MaryKate Geary, Christine Harper,
Jessica Holmes, Katheryn Hurley, Meredith Laurie, Monica Spencer-Lopes,
Rachel Sherwin, Erika Snyder

Championship Game Summary
D.O.P. 27, Winnie 20

The women's final featured two undefeated teams, as Winnie took on D.O.P. Both teams made it to the championship game with very different styles of play. Winnie used a run-and-gun offense, while D.O.P. preferred to slow the pace and utilize their post players. The teams showed some early nerves and struggled to find the scoring touch. The first half was defined by defense; both teams were quick to the ball and caused turnovers and difficult shots. The first basket of the game was scored more than five minutes into the half by a layup from D.O.P.'s Chris Harper. Winnie immediately answered back with a basket to tie the game at 2. The teams traded baskets for the rest of the half, with neither team able to gain enough momentum to extend a lead. The first half ended with D.O.P. clinging to a 12-10 lead.

The second half was similar to the first. Both teams continued to buckle down defensively. D.O.P. took advantage of their skilled post players and went on a quick 6-0 run to extend their lead to 18-10. MaryKate Geary led D.O.P. with four points during that run, which seemed to leave Winnie looking for an answer. They found their answer a few minutes later when Katie Ruggles found her scoring stroke and helped Winnie back into the game. After a trey, a mid-range jump shot and a free throw, Winnie found themselves down 20-16. D.O.P.'s Erika Snyder extended their lead to 24-16 with a layup. Winnie fired back with a 3-pointer, but it was too little, too late. Winnie's inability to convert down the stretch and D.O.P.'s clutch shooting carved out the 27-20 championship.


Cristina Adams, Amy Ballew, Kaelyn Caldwell, Brittany Canfield,
Jacquelyn Desjardins, Melissa Jubinville, Lauren Luckey, Vanessa Patry,
Kathryn Ruggles, Sydney Stoll, Melissa Toulouse, Nadia Villarroel, Kristin Walker, Elizabeth Weistein, Taryn Westerkamp