Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2006

Premature Shooters

Eve Brenner-Alsop, Joel Brunelle, Kristen Craig, Rachel Hansen,
Giuseppe Leone, Eileen McRae, Derrek Meade, Akshar Patel,
Alexander Renfrew, Lindsay Shanahan, Christine Walker

  Championship Game Summary
Premature Shooters 37, The Bruisers 27

The co-rec basketball championship was closely contested throughout most of the first half between the Bruisers and the Premature Shooters.  That would change late in the half as the Premature Shooters would bury consecutive 3-pointers to gain a 6-point cushion going into the half, and they would never look back, holding off a late surge to win 37-27. The Premature Shooters’ 1-2 punch of Kristen Craig with 9 points and 13 rebounds and Eileen McRae with 12 points and 7 rebounds gave the Bruisers all they could handle. Matt Liuzzo had a solid game for the Bruisers with 12 points, 3 assists and 2 steals, including a 3-pointer to cut the deficit to seven with 2:30 remaining in the game. The game would come down to free throws at the end. The Premature Shooters made their shots from the charity stripe when it counted with Giuseppe Leone converting both shots of a 1-and-1 with 12 seconds to go to increase the lead back to 9. The Premature Shooters then stole the following inbounds pass and Kristen Craig grabbed her 13th rebound off her teammate’s miss and was fouled on the putback. Craig hit both free throws to seal the win for the Premature Shooters.

The Bruisers

Stephanie Barry, Craig Carpenter, Lauren Cluff, Laura Hughes,
Matthew Liuzzo, Michael Liuzzo, Amir Norman, Daniel Ryan, Tricia Tolios,
Lauren Torres