Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2005

Green Eggs and Ham

Jessica Dominik, Maxine Dube, Edward Heaton, Daniel McCoy, Eileen McRae,
Kerry O'Connor, Ann Porten, Thomas Suski, Philip VanVoorhies

Championship Game Summary
Green Eggs & Ham 54, Shockers Part 2 29

The co-rec championship pitted Green Eggs & Ham, undefeated in the regular season, against Shockers Part 2, who went 1-3 during league play. Shockers narrowly won three playoff games to reach the final. Green Eggs & Ham crushed their two playoff opponents en route to the championship. In the final, Green Eggs & Ham won the tip but turned the ball over. Kristen Craig took advantage and scored for Shockers despite being fouled. With baskets traded & turnovers committed by both teams, the game seemed to have the start of a veritable see-saw. At the half, Green Eggs & Ham led 19-17 behind good defensive play from Green Eggs' Phil VanVoorhies who was credited with two steals. Contributing on the offensive end for Green Eggs was Eileen McRae, Jess Dominik and Ann Porten. Maxine Dube chipped in with a kay block in the first half.

Shockers started with the ball to start the second half, but committed a turnover right away. A give-and-go between Dominik and VanVoorhies resulted in a smooth field goal. Green Eggs & Ham put on the fullcourt press and forced the Shockers into another turnover. Dan McCoy made them pay big time by hitting a three. Two more three-pointers were made by McRae and VanVoorhies for three in a row and a 13-0 run by Green Eggs & Ham. Shockers answered as Christine Walker had two wide open layups in a row. McCoy answered back for Green Eggs by hitting another trey. Shockers' next possession was short-lived as McCoy stole the ball and hit McRae for two easy points under the basket. A tangle between the two teams resulted in a held ball; Shockers got possession. Craig had a nice up-and-under play for the Shockers for two points. The scoring went back and forth in the middle of the 2nd half. McRae, Dominik & Porten continued their offensive domination to at last help Green Eggs to a sizeable lead. In the end, Green Eggs had too much fire power and prevailed 54-29 to take the co-rec title.

Shockers Part 2

Eve Brenner-Alsop, Kristen Craig, Matthew Faulkner, Rachel Hansen, Matthew Lyon, Jason Paradise, Akshar Patel, Alexander Renfrew, Cara Tamburello, Christine Walker, Harry Walker