Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2004

Fry Da Opponents

Jessica Dominik, Edward Heaton, Eileen McRae, Kimberly Marsich,
Daniel McCoy, Ann Porten, Thomas Suski, Philip VanVoorhies

Championship Game Summary
Fry Da Opponents 47, The Renegades 46

Fry Da Opponents vs The Renegades tipped off in the co-rec final. Eileen McRae gave Fry the early lead by nailing a 14 footer. With 12 minutes to go in the 1st half, a steal by McRae helped set up a Tom Suski 3-pointer to extend the lead to 11-6. Renegades cut the deficit to 3 after a fancy dish from Andre Arsenault to Heather Ryan. With hard work in the paint by Renegades' Laurie Tanguay, the game remained close at the start of the 2nd half.

Fry extended their lead with an 8-0 run. Renegades went on their own 10-0 run capped off by 3-pointer from Arsenault. With 5 minutes to go, Renegades' Ryan nailed a 3-pointer and Elizabeth Toomey got the bucket and the foul which cut the lead to 2. With 1:30 to go, Renegades' Tanguay tied the game at 46. With 10 seconds remaining, Fry's McRae converted a layup to make the score 48-46. Renegades put the ball in the hands of Toomey, who was fouled as time expired. At the line Toomey swished the 1' shot but missed the second. Fry Da Opponents squeaked by with a 48-47 dramatic win.

The Renegades

Andre Arsenault, Tara LeBlanc, Bryan McGeary, Heather Ryan, David Sloan, Laurie Tanguay, Elizabeth Toomey