Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2003


Thomas Chevalier, Lauren Gregoretti. Karen Havenstrite,
Michael Hunnewell, Alyssa King, Marc Leduc, Theodore Markowsky,
Nicole Mattos, Rebecca Narkunas

Championship Game Summary
Unstoppables 33, Regulator X 29

The co-rec final was a close game between Unstoppables and Regulator X. Regulator X got on the board first behind Jen Weiss's layup. Unstoppables' Alyssa King responded with a matching basket off a sweet dish from Rebecca Narkunas. Defense dominated the first half to keep the scoring low. After trading turnovers and baskets, King sunk a clutch shot with a minute left to give Unstoppables their first lead of the game, 11-10. Regulator X's Bill Boyce drained a running jumper as time expired for the 12-11 halftime lead.

The teams traded baskets during the second half. Then, with 8:30 left, Jenn Mikkola made a nifty move to the basket and was fouled on the successful shot. Mikkola completed the 3-point play to put Regulator X up 21-18. With five minutes to go, Eric Schwarz fed an amazing pass to Mikkola who finished the play for Regulator's 23-20 lead. Unstoppables scored a quick layup followed by a Marc Leduc pass to King for the easy lay in. With time running out, Regulator X was forced to foul to stop the clock. Unstoppables, particularly Tom Chevalier, made key free throws and lived up to their name, with the 33-29 win.

Regulator X

William Boyce, Nicole Martignetti, Ryan McQuilkin, Jennifer Mikkola,
April Morin, Eric Schwartz, David Torchiano, Jennifer Weis