Men's Basketball Spring 2002

Made Men

Robert Beckworth, Willie Bodden, Peter Cavanagh, Alex Delpleche, Nathan Hunter, Nathaniel Ihedigbo, Michael James, Kevin Mahoney, Jamie Pryce, Anum Spriggs

Championship Game Summary
Made Men 60, Farmhouse 58

This year's final came down to the wire. Made Men jumped to a 13-2 lead behind the shooting of Rob Beckworth who was 4/4 from the arc. adding some defensive presssure on Farmhouse, Made Men led 34-28 at he half. Without Jim Stewart's 17 points, Farmhouse could have found themselves in a deep hole at the break.

In the second half, both teams settled into fluid play with good shooting. With less than 3 minutes to play, Stewart's clutch three-pointer gave Farm House its first lead at 52-51. Behind the offensive play of Willie Bodden and Mike James, Made Men regained the lead at 58-56. With 10 seconds left, Made Men sent Stewart to the free throw line with a chance to tie. Stewart hit the second and Farm House trailed 58-57. A foul after he inbound put Made Men on the line; both shots of the double bonus were canned for the 60-57 lead. After Made Men fouled, Farmhouse was successful on only one free throw. Made Men snatched the rebound and the 60-58 win.

Farm House

Darren Bornemann, Michael Deffley, Christopher Gaffney, Jameson Guimond,
Rashaan Hazard, Michael Letendre, Robert Lima, Kevin Pacheco, James Stewart