Women's Basketball Spring 2001

The A-Team

Lindsay Abbott, Kristin Ackerbauer, Stacey Blue, Sarah Bohonowicz,
Kaitlyn Byron, Iris deHamer, Ashley Egland, Jill Fantasia, Nickaya Foster, Kemba Gray, Kristin Hopwood, Susan Jackson, Bethany Percival,
Yael Leopold

Championship Game Summary
The A-Team won by Forfeit

The A-Team, .500 during the regulai season, cruised through the playoffs by crushing The Bomb Squad 64-33, Hoopsters 39-18 and Superstars 47-19 to advance to the final. Their opponent in the final, Bounce with Me, seeded first after a two win-two tie regular season, advanced to the final by nippin opponents Dirty Oars 29-25 and Soccerchics 36-33. The final was not to be, however, for The A-Team showed in fine style but Bounce with Me did not. The A-Team won the final by forfeit.

Bounce With Me
(No Photo Available)

Amy Clinton, Jen Cotter, Katherine Curry, Laura Curry, Katherine Grassa, Jana Joksimovic, Ariana Melendez, Emily Simon, Sarah Simon,
Lauren Smyth